Sunday, June 18, 2006


Today's just another fun ride on the freakin' Good Ship Lollipop that is my life and my family! I hope that I hit my head real hard after and forget it all happened. Why have I been so off lately, so cranky and negative? I really don't have an answer for y'all. Knowing me, I'll be free basing Pixie Sticks and back to Abby Normal right quick.

All together now: "Dance you freakin' monkey! DANCE!!!"


Logophile said...

Doormat, huh?
Could you scootch about a quarter inch to the right, hon?
Ahhh, perfect, thanks!

Mwah, be brave, lil Grunty, this too shall pass, probably like a large kidney stone, slowly, painfully, and with a lot of burning and ripping.


vera said...

i imagine raising a family is difficult... but i *KNOW* that raising your parents and siblings is next to impossible...
*offers a hug*