Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Getting Rid Of My Lanyard

I have been informed that these are not cool. I have to display my ID/security card on the front of me, any suggestions? I've actually got myself tangled up with these things and just really never looked for any alternatives. The other thing about lanyards, if you spend a great deal of time out in the sun like me, you get a racing stripe neck. I always tell people that it makes me go faster, but it looks weird--really weird. Part of me will be sad to see this thing go. It was a gift from SLOC (2002 Winter Olympics). Well, I'll always have the Kazykstan vs. Lithuania Women's Hockey game to remember it by...ah, seven dollar Polish dogs!


goldennib said...

I like saying lanyard. I think I'll find 5 ways to use the word lanyard in conversations today.

vera said...

i have a zippy with a clippy.
i too have to display my access card @ all times but we were given, as i like to call them "zippies with clippies" they are this round thing with a retractable cord. kinda like the keyrings that old truckers use on their hips, but smaller and DEFINITELY not as icky-ooo n or as uncle chester-ish... you card fastens to the retractable thingy and if you need to use it to get into buildings and such you just zip the line out and it swooooooooshes back into place... i *HATE* things around my neck, so yah... works for moi!

Mayden's Voyage said...

Grunt: You ARE cool. The lanyard, or lack thereof, does not define you :)

Go to Staples (or any "Office equipment" store in your area)...they have stuff with pins, and magnets, clamp-thingys, and a zippy with a clippy like vera said.

But...remember, you are "Cool" whatever you choose to do :)

Scott said...

Go with Vera's idea. I sounds like it would work well, damn ID cards.


West of the Sun said...

I too have a Lanyard Grunt and have been looking for one of those Zippies Vera mentioned myself. I say go for it. Get a Zippy. You know you want to.

Christielli said...

Hmmmm... right now I'm reading "The Devil Wears Prada" and the main character wears her ID on a white Hermes scarf that she stole from her evil boss. So maybe... ;)

Crystal said...

Vera - I have zippy too!!!!!


Grunt. It DOES too affect your coolness.

However, you have SO MUCH coolness, that the points subtracted for the lanyard doesn't make a difference. You are still the coolest man on the planet.

vera said...

we're o&g twins AND zippy twins!
im sure your ass is hotter, but my girls are definitely top-drawer, baby!

The Grunt said...

Well it's good to see that the twins are getting along and making my blog a better place. I'm cool? Right on!

Chief Scientist said...

On general principle, don't work at a place that requires security badges visible at all times. Then you can keep the lanyard, only put more useful things on it, like a cigar punch.

Sure, I go to places that requires badges on occasion, but mine always say Visitor.