Thursday, June 01, 2006

That's Incredibly Gay Friday (TIGF)!!!

So, which one of you wants to have at Tino first? Can you handle the sexy? I think he could roast chestnuts, he's so hot. Is that a real IZOD shirt or a cheap Cuban knock off? Tino, which rest stop bathroom did I meet you in? I'm sorry, but I wasn't that type of boy, and am reserved for ladies only. But, it was sure fun pissing on George Michael's shoes. Ahhh...good times!

P.S. I still feel like death warmed over. I don't think I can make anymore of that special medicine, Crystal. I'm all tuckered out. I'll have to go back and look at some more hawt HNT's. Sheeeeeewooooooooh!!!


goldennib said...

That hot sultry look just makes me melt. Oh, that's not for me, sorry.

Queue_t said...

he is quite a character

I hope you will feel better soon, see the doc today rather than wait all weekend to hack up a lung. you'll feel better in no time.

vera said...

i dig on the dirty sneakers.

verification word: mikiokz

Outdoorsy Girl said...

This is sooooo hot. Those socks are sexy as well as the short shorts and the position his hand is in beckoning me to touch his hot bod.

This photo had to make you feel better, Grunt. That warm and fuzzy feeling you have looking at this means you're healed.

Logophile said...

You are a cruel man, Grunty.
A cruel, cruel man.

Scott said...

Yeah that is what I usually wear on our hot weather days up here in Toronto.


Crystal said...

why don't you ever wear anything like that for me??
i pay you good money to be my gay, and you aren't even stepping up to the plate.

pissed, i am.

Chris said...

Is that Fez?

Anonymous said...

Man, that takes me back to my old, clubbing days.

and by "my old, clubbing days," I really mean "Menudo phase."

emma kaufmann said...

Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?

The Grunt said...

I knew you guys would enjoy a little Tino.

Goldennib~ I think he has his eyes on your man.

QT~ Thanks, the lung was rather pink and healthy, so I had it put back in.

Vera~ Dirty sneakers, clean behind.

O-girl~ Try throwing bacon on him. He will absorb all the fat and make it extra crispy.

Logo~ Well, only because I hang around with you.

Scott~ And I bet that you leave a mighty trail of dead along the way, as well.

Crystal~ Is that all I am to you? Well, first off, I've not received any money, and second, I've not touched yer buubs, yet. That's what you usually let them do, right? I wonder how many of your "gay" friends are really gay;) Besides, if I were gay, I wouldn't have to take cold showers after looking at your HNT's (I just realized that could be mistaken for "HOT NAKED TITTIES").

Pardon me, where was I?

Chris~ quite possibley, yes.

Guggs~ Who here didn't go through a Menudo phase?

Emma~ Glad to see you back again. Great caption, too. Good luck on your chick-lit novel. Publisher ahoy!