Monday, June 05, 2006

I found him, that little scamp!

I just knew he'd turn up. Lungy was outside my doorstep at 5 o'clock this morning panting away. He's a little dirty, but that's to be expected when you run off and go messin' around with undesirable sorts. Overall, his pink shiny glow was how I recognized him--that and his lack of wheezing. I asked Lungy why he left me all alone with this virus and he didn't want to discuss it, just glad to be back home.

My neck thought that the little bastard was ungrateful and shouldn't be allowed back, but my lefty "Lungo" was tired of having to do all the work lately, and wanted Lungy back in, singing "Mock" to his "Yeah". Now that Lungy has joined in, "Mocking Bird" has never sounded better. Grunt has several little things left to find, but they are minor things, like his neon yellow Swatch from ninth grade and his Billy Squire cassette tape. If any of you have seen these things, let me know.


Gentleman-hobbs said...

Fuckin brilliant!
EPS - Can I borrow him I fancy a Capstan full strength?

Logophile said...


I am NOT giving you your Swatch back.

Glad you're feeling better.

Outdoorsy Girl said...

Glad you found him! And I'm glad that your feeling better now! The weather is too beautiful to be stuck inside sick.

I actually know how wonderful your weather is because I'm finally out here now!

goldennib said...

We found a bloated possum in our pool. At first I thought it was your lung. Glad I was wrong.

Mayden's Voyage said...

5 am huh? It is lovely at that time of day, isn't it? Makes me sleepy early though! :)

I don't have your tape, but I did get out my Van Halen 1984 CD today! Oh, what a nice trip down memory lane that was! LOL!

Hope lungy stays put...
"Pana-maha ha ha ha ha, Panama!"

Seriously--hope you are doing well.
-Cora :)

Crystal said...

ENOUGH with the disturbing pictures! i can't even bring myself to read this post.