Sunday, December 30, 2007

I don't like overcast days as much as I used to

It's true. For a guy that spent some of the prime years of his life selling vacuum cleaners for Jebus in Northern England you'd think that my love for the gray day would never wain. Well, it has. I require upliftment more in my life now than ever. Being right smack dab in darkest winter here in my beloved home has been wearing on me. I was born in Phoenix. I am freaking solar powered. I need the sun.

Not too long ago I could go through a bleak winter scape while listening to Sisters of Mercy and be unaffected. In fact, I dug the inner nihilist within. Something has changed. It wasn't an effort on my part at all. My battle for my life altered who I am. I didn't ask for the changes, but they happened anyway. I'm not saying that it is good or bad, just different.

I'm not sure what I want now that things have shifted. Where life will take me next is a mystery.


Sun Follower said... will take you to sunnier places :)

(so says the Sun Follower)

HAPPY 2008 (it's your year)

Keshi said...

**My battle for my life altered who I am.

I can say the same Grunty! It happened with me a different yet similar way.



Logophile said...

Happy New Year, seƱor Grunt, it is going to get better and you are going to be better and all that betterment will CREATE more sunshine.
If I knew the formula I would show how that is an actual mathematic fact.

Nessa said...

"The sun'll come out tomorrow, tomorrow..." Ack, argh, hgck. Sorry.

I wish you a very Happy New Year with lots of sunshine.

Karyn said...

It's always a mystery.

And if you're altered now - the best parts of you remain, fortified and more glorious for the battle.

Kickass, baby.

Jules said...

Hey! We're both in a bit of a "road to discovery" phase right now! I hope our roads cross at some point and we can muddle through it together, at least for a few good days!

Sun's important. If you don't have enough of it, try taking vitamin D's... if you can without interfering with your meds.

Best of luck in the new year, Grunty!!

The Grunt said...

Sun~ I am inclined to believe you:)

Keshi~ Good to know I'm not alone.

Logo~ Looking forward to working that formula.

Nessa~ You know what? I really like that song.

Karyn~ Yeah, I think the best parts of me have remained. Thank goodness!

Jules~ I hope I discover gold.