Saturday, December 08, 2007

Bibble Bibble

Nothing to see here. Just a bunch of aimless typing. Carry on about your business. What, you still reading this? Well, I can't help it if you are bored. I guess I'm a bit bored myself. That, and a bit starved for attention. I could have something meaningful to write about but I don't, so there.

What's the deal? I got one useless paragraph written and now I'm starting a second? Oh boy, I must be in need of something to do. This is the problem when I don't take my meds. I'm a bit jittery tonight. I tried and failed at watching "Animal House". You know things are bad when that doesn't work. My guitar just laughs at my fingers. It says, "Come play me if you dare. I'll give those sodding fingers some blisters if you come near me!" Really, my fingers are a bit sensitive lately. Watch what you say around them.

Speaking of fingers, or rather, nails, the index and middle fingernails on my left hand have been curving down in a way that reminds me of a cadaver I once saw. That is a rather morbid observation, if you ask me. I think I will trim them. I have an idea, though, as to why they have been doing this. I have been pressing them into my palm as a way to relieve stress. I've been doing a lot of strange stuff like that lately. Have you any idea the strange looks I get from slapping my ass with my feet? That takes talent, by the way.

I am a bit stressed out about Christmas this year. My money is pretty much tied up in bills and I'm still not feeling like Bruce Jenner, Carl Lewis, or Gary Coleman lately. Maybe I feel a bit like Marty Wilson from down the street. Yes, I think that is how I'm feeling right now.

Well, I'm nearing the end of this bit 'o' bibble bibble. I wonder how many goats, dogs, swallows, and other creatures of the earth have wondered if life is worth living. I have and the answer is probably yes. Anyway, have a wonderful morning/day/evening and try the turducken. It's moist!


Outdoorsy Girl said...

Mmmmm turducken! Actually, I threw up in my mouth a little bit at the mention of it.

You weren't the only one bored. I didn't make it through Animal House, either, but I did finish Blazing Saddles. Oh and I knitted a scarf, too.

Hope you find something to do today! I will. I have to make up for all that sloth yesterday.

NYD said...

I don't think I can wrap my lips around anything that's called turducken.

If Animal House failed then you might want to try some Monty Python instead.

Fare well, Grunty!

The Grunt said...

Yay! Someone read my post!!!

O-Girl~ You always manage to find something to do that is really fun and adventurous. The problem with me is I can think of a ton of things I'd like to be doing but won't because of my health. There's some fresh powder up in the hills and my skis are lonely.

The Grunt said...

NYD~ Wow, you slipped that one in there while I wasn't looking. Yeah, Monty Python sounds like the ticket. A bit of "Holy Grail" would cheer me up.

Keshi said...

Im bored right now..of life.


Christielli said...

From your previous post -- mojitos are delish and I'm glad they've returned with a vengenance!

Also, I don't read you 'cuz I'm bored, it's because you're interesting. :D

Jules said...

Not getting enough attention? Oh how is that possible?! That's not good at all.. come on, guys and gals... Grunty needs more one-on-one time!!

My fingernails naturally curve when they get too long. All of them. Until now, I hadn't made a connection between that and a dead person, though.

The Grunt said...

Keshi~ You, me, bored together. It kind of gets me curious as to what trouble we could get into.

Christielli~ I'm glad that you find me interesting. My life to me seems rather ordinary, but I've always had a skewed take on it. It is something that is not just a blog phenomenon.

Jules~ I could always have more Jules to keep me going. Don't think about dead people too much or their fingernails.

Jules said...

Well, in that case, here's some more: (HUG)(HUG)(HUG)(HUG)(HUG)(HUG)(HUG)(HUG)(HUG)(HUG)(HUG)(HUG)(HUG)(HUG)(HUG)(HUG)(HUG)(HUG)(HUG)(HUG)(HUG)(HUG)(HUG)(HUG)(HUG)(HUG)... there... how's that?

Keshi said...

lolz alot of NICE trouble I guess ;-)


Karyn said...

Turducken grosses me out in a way I cannot begin to describe.

My fingernails bend too, but they curve in after they grow to a certain length. I also have a short nail bed. It pisses me off.

How much attention you lookin for? I can help. :-D

Crystal said...

i am volunteering to slap your ass with my feet if that makes you feel better!