Tuesday, December 04, 2007


I was walking by a window display today and saw "NOFL". I sat there for a few minutes asking myself "what in the hell is NOFL?" It was pretty funny when I realized that I was looking at an "E" and not an "F" like I had thought.

You've heard of gypsy's curses, right? Well, I am here to tell you that hobo curses are just as real. I was downtown today and a hobo started walking across the road right after my light turned green. We all had to wait at our green light for this hobo to cross the damn road. I yelled out the window at the hobo and called him a stupid jerk. This is when he glared at me and set a curse upon my head. After that I hit ten red lights in a row. Stupid hobo jerk.

I've come up with the cleaning product of the future: Soylent Clean. It uses the cleaning power of people. (I can't get enough of "Soylent Green" related humor).

Okay, you've got three funny paragraphs. This is where I tell you how much I love and appreciate you guys and gals. My life has been pretty bleak in spots recently. When I find your comments to my posts in the morning it is like finding gifts laid out before me. I go in for big #10 tomorrow (or today, when most will read this). That's 10 out of 12 chemo treatments. It has been getting progressively tougher. But I know that I will get through it. I don't know what life will throw at me next, but I'm hoping that it will be something good.


Jules said...

When do you get vacation, Grunty? We're gonna have to meet somewhere half way when you're feeling better... that'll be something good to look forward to!

TWO more after today!! WOOHOOOOOOOO! You can DO this, Mister Man!!

Jules said...
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Sun Follower said...

For number 10, do not think NOFL...or NOEL for than matter. An old old SNL Xmas show had the ice skating bees spell out words in the Rockefeller Center rink - - they spelled LEON.


P.S. this year's xmas card will cheer you up!

vera said...

When I was growing up we had this old French Catholic priest at the church we went to... Every mass he would day "May the Peace of the Lord be with you..." But with a thick french accent. I didn't know for a long time that he was actually saying "PEACE". I just kept wondering why he was wishing that Jesus would pee on us??


Issy said...

Hi Grunt!
I haven't been on in forever and I feel bad because I've missed a lot of important things that I used to be in tune with.

I am so sorry that you are sick. I wish there was something that I could do or say to take it away but I can't. Like Jules said "Only 2 more to go". I hope everything goes well for you and I will definately try to touch base with you once a week.

The Grunt said...

Jules~ I don't know when I'll get vacation time because I want to find a new job when I am able. Yeah, I just got back and I about Ralphed all over the place. Fun. But two more to go, for realsies this time.

Sun~ LEON...ROFL! I'm looking forward to the Christmas card.

Vera~ It's called "rain". LOL!

Issy~ Hey! It has been awhile. I'm glad to see you back around. My overall prognosis is great. It's just hard to escape the ill side effects of the treatment, of which I'm almost at the end. I will have to do a month of radiation, but that is a peice of cake compared to chemo.

Outdoorsy Girl said...

Damn those hobos! I believe in their curses, too. I also believe in gangsta curses. You have to be VERY careful of them when driving through the south side of Atlanta.

10 out of 12! Yesssss! I am so happy for you! I have been keeping up with your treatments and I am glad that it is almost over. Then you can get those cool tattoos! That's awesome because you can always make dot-to-dot pics on yourself when you get bored!

BCM said...

And now your comment on my blog is even funnier. Good luck, cuz. You have peeps in Provo who got your back.

Keshi said...

u believe in curses? I dun.

**When I find your comments to my posts in the morning it is like finding gifts laid out before me

aww thats exactly how I feel too. And u dunno wut Im going thru right? :) better not know Grunty.


Keshi said...

and drop by my blog n take part ;-)


Queue_t said...

Grunty you hang in there yeah for the big 10 with two more to go, the best attitude is the one you have- that the radiation will be a piece of cake after this treatment.
thanks for keeping us posted.

I will counter act the curses with a prayer for you every sunday until you are well.

all my best your number one lurker QT

NYD said...

The best thing about soylent clean is that if the kids drink it they'll be fine. No. Wait a minute! If the kids drink it they'll be cannibals!

The Grunt said...

O-Girl~ I drew on myself in school when I got bored.

bcm~ That is good to know. It really is. Oh, and yes, hobo curses are most definitely real.

Keshi~ Hugs back at ya!

QT~ I hope so. Thanks!

NYD~ But it will keep them regular.

Karyn said...

Now On Floor Laughing. NOFL. Obviously!

10/12 - Kick its ass, baby!

Never give up - embrace the delicious ambiguity in life - and accept that sometimes there's something amazing and wonderful up around the next bend.


The Grunt said...

Karyn~ You are awesome, babe!

Jules said...

That's okay, G... we've got a long time ahead to figure it out!