Sunday, December 09, 2007

Big 500

The pressure is on. This is my 500th post. I think maybe I should have ordered some pizza for all of you guys, ooh, and some Dew.

I'm not sure what to post about on this momentous occasion. Maybe I will talk about my dreams of becoming an astronaut. Yeah, I will be the first dude to set up shop on Mars and I will sell Indian rugs and pottery there.

No, something tells me that I should talk about my dreams of meeting Evel Knievel some day. Oh yeah, he's dead. I can still visit his grave and tell his alcoholic son Robbie that he sucks compared to his dad.

I watched the trailer for the new Rambo movie that is coming out. Laughed my ass the whole way through. I can't wait for its release.

I was dragged to see "The Golden Compass" the other day. I think I understood one thing: Hollywood sucks. I did, however, wonder what kind of animal demon I'd have by my side: an aardvark. No one else would have that shit. They'd be all hogging birds, cougars, and other noble or cool stuff. I figure that my aardvark demon wouldn't really interfere much with my life. Plus, I'd never have ant infestations ever again.

I bumped into a girl that I really used to like today. I really used to like her, not just today. Anyway, there was some obvious catching up to do since I look like the post crack-up version of Bob Geldof from the movie "Pink Floyd's The Wall". At least he still kept the hair on his head. Oh, and my hairless nips did not get harmed from a straight razor, just plain old chemo. My story continues: She's married now and still pretty as ever. Something told me that not all was well in matrimony land, but that is her deal. She felt bad for what I've gone through, but happy to see that I'm giving a good fight. I think we both played a bit of "what if" in our heads, then we went on with our lives. Life is funny.

I think that is a suitable ending for my big 500th. Good day.


NYD said...

For the 500th go round I would have thought you'd be spending it in Indiannapolis or Daytona.

Playing what if games with Bob Geldorf's hair can lead to trouble.

vera said...

another reason i refuse to facecrack...
that whole "what if" thing people seem to get addicted... i can't seem to bring myself to the point where i go "whatever happened to ____ _____" and "i wonder what would have happened if _____"... i live with too many regrets already, i suppose i dont need to be reminded of anymore lol!


vera said...

oh yah, and grats on 500... that's a feat!

The Grunt said...

NYD~ Tell me about it. Sir Geldof's hair is untamed and dangerous.

Vera~ "We both know what memories can bring, they bring diamonds and rust"~Joan Baez.

Nessa said...

Oh, congrats on the big 5-0-0. Is that gold as the gift? I can never member.

The Golden Compass was bad? I was so looking forward to seeing it, especially now that I know it's about hating religion and all.

Keshi said...

Happy 500th Grunty! :)

**. I think we both played a bit of "what if" in our heads, then we went on with our lives. Life is funny. is indeed funny. Sometimes u want something so badly, u like someone seriously etc etc but it doesnt end up being the way we want. Its very strange indeedz.


The Grunt said...

Nessa~ It really was just a boring movie that I just gave up on. Whether it is like the book, I have no idea. My sister loved the series of books and was dissappointed by the movie.

Keshi~ Very true.

Nessa said...


Scary Monster said...

Cogratulations on gettin through half the millenium, Cap'n. Can't wait to see what the next 500 will bring.


The Grunt said...

Nessa~ Yeah.

Scary freaking Monster!!! Good to see you still stomping. The next 500 will be about stamp collecting. It was all a diabolical plot to get you hooked.

Jules said...

HAPPY 500, Sweetie!!!

How would you REALLY like to celebrate?

Karyn said...

Lookin forward to the next 500.

I just had mine last month... doesn't it seem oh-so-momentous?

I hate running into those people lately. For a while it was nice - appropriate hardware on appropriate finger, attractive child in tow, belly bump with Door #2, respectable job.

Now I just feel like running and hiding, the world's biggest effing failure.


Glad you handled it with infinitely more grace than I could do just now and weathered it well.


Crystal said...

you have to be nice to robbie.

can you imagine what kind of role that is to live up to? what if your dad were superman or mother theresa?

he may as well have been swallowed.