Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Big winds make for strange dreams

Last night the East winds kicked up through the canyons. These winds have been known to blow freight trains off the tracks and roll steel towers into balls. While last night's winds did not get past 80 mph, the snow drifts left over made my little world feel a bit arctic. I'm also quite tired.

It's really hard to fall asleep over constant wooshing and banging, and then there was the wind (a-har-har). When I did finally get to sleep the first time I had a really creepy dream. In this dream there was a demonic force in my room that kept grabbing me by my feet and raising them. Sometimes I'd be lifted clean up and dangling from my ceiling. I don't think I need to tell you the fright that I had while trying to figure out if this was real or dream. I did finally wake up and figured out that the wind was the "demonic" force that had been terrorizing me.

The next dream of the night, care of the wind, was a scenario where I was married to Andie Mac Dowell (I don't care how old she is, she's still smokin'). She and I had a little family and we were moving into a new house together. This is where a psycho moving van dude comes into play. This freak comes roaring down the street, turns into the driveway and drives straight through the damn house. As he is turning around for more, I grab a huge rock and huck it through the windshield of the moving van. This only pisses the guy off even more and now he's chasing me down "Maximum Overdrive" style. I manage to make it back inside the house and I try to call 911, but none of the effin' phones work. All this time the moving van keeps plowing through the house trying to kill me. The best part of this dream is that when the cops finally show up there is no damage to the house and I get arrested for assault because I threw a rock at the guy.

I never knew that the wind could drive my subconscious so.


Outdoorsy Girl said...

Hmmmm. Call me crazy, but I like the sound of wind when I am falling asleep. Maybe that's because it's never been hard enough to blow a freight train through my house, but still.

Keshi said...

I like it too..the sound, the touch, the smell of a dreamy breeze...


Chandra said...

Hmm you would NOT like it in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. That place always has high winds. It is probably the place where hairspray and ponytails were invented. Where I am the weather has been trying to chinook, but it's been snowing and cold. I always forget the conversions... but boarding on parka weather. But maybe it's just me, but now that you have quiet moments do you appreciate the snow falling much more than you used to?

Or maybe, just maybe I'm fruity?

p.s is andie macdowell the one from groundhog day?

The Grunt said...

O-Girl~ These winds were not soothing. I felt like the male version of Dorothy.

Keshi~ Breeze is soothing. But these winds will rip the roof off of your house.

Chandra~ Yes, that is the Andie MacDowell I was dreaming of. That is one of the kinds of girls that really turns me on.

Logophile said...

Hey you!
Been ages since I wandered through my favorite blogs so I read the whole top page. Have I told you lately that I love you?
I do, I love mojitos too :p
I think you will be stronger (referring to post below) because as nietzsche said, whatever doesn't kill ya...makes you stronger.
Hugs, grunty, and love of love.

Nessa said...

I love thunderstorms but big winds freak me out.

Scott said...

Ah, Andy McDowall. Have not thought of her in a while.

80mph winds are intense yo!

Chandra said...

"Yes, that is the Andie MacDowell I was dreaming of. That is one of the kinds of girls that really turns me on."

So girls that like wind turn you on? Curly haired girls turn you on? Girls in movies with Bill Murray? Girls that like to watch snow fall?

She always seemed a little odd quirky to me.... sadly I can't think of any of other movie she's been in :(

Christielli said...

I love falling asleep during a thunderstorm the best.

Would you take the arrest if it meant you were married to Andie?

Jules said...

I can do storms, but howling wind creeps me out. Here's a dream transplant for you. You're going to become the all star volleyball player for the university you are going to, but you hate volleyball and you can't serve to save your life. In order to play in the champoinship tournament, you have to wear all pink clothes, right down to the lacey pink panties, but are horrified to find that your dormmates have worn ALL of your clothes. So in 10 minutes you have to do all your laundry, get dressed, drive to the gym (in a stick shift car that you have no idea how to drive) and be the school's hero.

That was my dream a few nights ago. Let me know how it works out for you. Afterall, seeing you in lacey girl panties is better than any dream about demonic forces or getting run down!

Karyn said...

Andie MacDowell, huh? Ok then.

That's a crap ass dream though, apart from your dream girl. Yeesh.