Thursday, December 13, 2007

TIGF!!! (That's Incredibly Gay Friday): Rudolph the Reindeer's red nose

Proof that Rudolph's red nose was its own entity: Rudolph was straight; the nose was gay. Seen here is a prime example of this dichotomy in action. The nose is hitting on this "hot" man elf. I think the nose is saying, "So, what kind of reindeer games do you play?" This gets Rudolph in a lot of sticky situations, as you could imagine. I mean, I don't even know, or want to know, how a gay, glowing red nose has intercourse.

This is the real reason Rudolph wasn't accepted by the other reindeer, those gay nose bashers. It wasn't until Santa discovered how fabulous that glowing gay disco nose was in the fog that Rudolph finally got a break. It turns out that the nose was not only fabulous, but functional. That my friends is way TIGF!!!


NYD said...

I once went hunting with some friends of my father in upstate New York and we (read they) bagged a young buck. After hauling it home it was strung up in the garage and the blood started dripping out of the mouth and nose. My dad in his wicked sense of humor started whistling..., well lets just say that that particular Chistmas song just doesnt make me feel very merry anymore.

Outdoorsy Girl said...

Poor Rudolph! He has had such a rough life. I never knew his early years were like this. All I do know is where he ended up. I saw him last night.

He was standing along the road in front of this house all decorated in white lights (you know those lawn ornament reindeer covered in white lights?) except for his nose which was naturally glowing bright red. As I drove past him, I happened to notice that there was another splash of color on him--two bright blue lights right under his tail. Poor Rudolph! That gay, red nose of his is destroying his chances of scoring with any doe. And his frustrations are resulting in a blue (balls) Christmas.

Jules said...

Bahaha!!! When you finally decide you can't live another day without knowing how that nose can have intercourse, come to me, my dear. I'll clue you in!

Christielli said...

Great moments in the history of tolerance for sure.

The Grunt said...

NYD~ My dad once brought home a bloody snowshoe rabbit from a hunting trip and was showing it of petting it while going "meeeooooooow". Sounds like our dads had something in common.

O-Girl~ That's why they had to put poor Rudolph at the front of the pack.

Jules~ I'm always curious as to what your dirty mind is thinking.

Christielli~ No doubt.

Pokey said...

Grunty I love this post! Rudolph's nose is flaming gay!

The Grunt said...

Well, you should love it because I did it just for you.

Crystal said...

hot man elf? um...i am pretty sure that dennis is the gayest thing in the picture.

rudolph's nose is a close second.

does that mean dennis could have a relationship with just the nose?

your post has left me confused.