Tuesday, January 01, 2008

It ends today: My last chemotherapy

It ends, yet it doesn't. I get my last trip to the infusion clinic. My last dose of adriamycin. My last dose of bleomycin. My last dose of vinblastine. My last dose of dacarbazine--the stuff that makes my insides want to pull the fire alarm and vacate the facility. Like I said: It ends...yet it doesn't.

The nausea.

The mouth sores.

The loss of taste.

The anemia.

The bruising.

The fatigue.

The anxiety.

The constipation.

The pain.

The depression.

The insomnia.

The intense feeling of vulnerability.

Those things will keep on going for a spell. But for now I will celebrate the last treatment knowing that I have gone through all those things listed above and survived. I can do it once more.

P.S. I made it through! It was a late one. I got in at 2:30 PM and left at 7 PM. What a long day! I will post about the day soon.


vera said...

Hey you! *hug* I sent you a text message, but I don't know if you'll get it; I don't trust the mobile world!
Thinking of you lots...


Nessa said...

Congratulations on your lasts and I hope the others are over in a hurry.

Do you know se7en? He's listed on my sidebar. I don't know him well, but maybe you two could talk. He's been through what you are going through and he's come out on top.

Crystal said...

yay!! it is the end! almost. weeeee! high five!

you are an effing trooper, i will tell you that.

Diane Mandy said...

Great news, I am glad to know you made it through your last treatment. I hope you are feeling better soon.

Queue_t said...

sending up good thoughts for you Grunty. glad it is the end of this round for you. Hang in there kido. QT

Sun Follower said...


Christielli said...

Congrats on your *last* treatment! Yay yay yay!

The Grunt said...

Vera~ I got the text. Thanks!

Nessa~ Thanks! I will have to check se7en out.

Crystal~ Aw shucks! Well, you know enough about me to know that I've overcome plenty of hard times. My metal will be seriously strong.

Diane~ I hope I get feeling better soon as well. I'm going to be drinking tons of water in effort to flush my body of all these remaining toxins and chemicals.

QT~ Yep, this round is down. I will worry about radiation and surgery later.

Sun~ You have a beautiful smile.

Christielli~ Yay is totally right! w00t!

Karyn said...

The Living.

The Ass-Kicking.

The Triumph Of Gruntism Over Cancer's Conniving, Insidious, Inherently Odious Ass.

You are a hero. Slog through the rest of this, get it behind you, and see what awaits on the other side of this misery.

Hugs from the coast -

Jules said...

I am beside myself, literally, with a feeling of overwhelming warmth and yumminess at the thought of you being all done your treatments, Babes!!! Congrats, Sweetie... I'm so proud of you. And know that each and every day now, you are going to be feeling better and better until this is all just in your past.

When's your next scan for the final results?

Love you, Grunty!

egan said...

This is great news man. You made it through, but I'm sure there's much ahead as you pointed out. We'll be thinking about you. Here's to a much better 2008!

Outdoorsy Girl said...

You, of course, already know how happy I am that it's over now. :)

The Grunt said...

Thanks everybody! All your comments meant a lot to me.