Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I've apparently not learned this enough. I can't wait to be done with my treatments. I want to change some things in my life, but I need to wait a bit until I take on those challenges. My health comes first. Still, it is incredibly frustrating. From when I started having noticeable health trouble, till now, it has been about nine months. I thought this was my year where things would change. They have, but not in any way I could have imagined.

I don't know where I'm going from here, but I'm alive. Thank you medical science. Thank you God.


monsooner said...

Things can change in a day. :)
I'm hoping in positive with you, the Grunt!

Jules said...

2008 will be YOUR year, sweetie... you just wait and see. Once you kick this, you'll be renewed and you'll find yourself with the strength, energy and will to make some major changes.


Nessa said...

We're glad you are alive too.

Here's to change for the better.

Scott said...

Just means that this coming year will have to kick ass even more!

Karyn said...

Changes...wishes...dreams... they often come, I find, packaged in disguise.

All things in their time.

Some days I just repeat that over and over and over to myself. All things in their time.

Sun Follower said...

They say that numerologically 2007 is a "9" year of completions. 2008 is a "One" year for new beginngings.

So... there you go.

(I'm thanking God too)

Cindrarella said...

Thank you, Grunty, for being so strong, and yes...patient.

Big loves,

Pokey said...

Changes will come soon enough I promise! I am sure your treatments will end soon and you can get back to being and feeling like yourself again. I know great things are happening for you!