Thursday, December 06, 2007

TIGF!!! (That's Incredibly Gay Friday): Mojitos

Anything that was big in the '80s and makes a comeback is TIGF!!! I'm not a drinker, but I have heard enough buzz about the mojito to go ahead and declare it TIGF!!!

What's even more TIGF!!! is to keep repeating it in an exaggerated pronunciation (moxito) to people in order to impress them with your knowledge of mixed rum based drinks. Oh yeah, and it is minty too.


Jules said...

I've never had a Mojito... but if it's rum based, you can bet I'd be all over that... if I was in a drinking type of mood. Cheers!

Sun Follower said...

mojitos are good.. very good, but give me a margarita on the rocks, no salt -and I'm good for a nap.

Queue_t said...

love me some of those TIGF !! had them at a party durring a hot summery day and was so refreshing - you are totally correct in your TIGF assesment! yum yum


Outdoorsy Girl said...

Mojitos are yummy. I am glad they've made a comeback. All the other 80's comebacks are indeed TIGF material. I guess Mojitos are, too, but they are TIGF in a good way! :)

The Grunt said...

Jules~ And you aren't in a drinking mood, when?

Sun~ Yeah, I figured you more for a margarita than a mojito.

QT~ Hey, they worked for
Miami Vice.

O-Girl~ I think it is funny that I, a non-drinker, have got people wanting to try these things.

Jules said...

LOL, Grunty.. actually, I haven't had anything tim drink since everyone expressed such concern on my last drunk blog post! ;O)

Karyn said...

I've never had one. I like drinking but I'm not much of one, cos I have no resistance whatsoever and it's pathetic, plus it's freakin expensive.

But I do like saying MOJITO.

Is it minty? That's a negative for me. I don't think I can drink something minty. Too much like sloshing some Scope around.

Oh well. Still sounds good.

Pokey said...

You know I go out almost every single weekend and I have never even seen anyone order a mojito. I have one before in Mexico and it was an okay drink. I am sure it would have been better if they had actual mint leaves instead of just some nasty wilted mess in the bottom of my glass, but anyways. The mojito is getting a lot of hype here lately and I am not really sure why, there are way better mixed drinks out there, I promise.