Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Sitting around trying to get better

I've got a bit of a cold. I don't know what will happen tomorrow (read Wednesday) if my doctors will postpone my treatment. I don't even have a sore throat or a temperature. I had a cough and now just some congestion in my throat area. There is nothing wrong with my lungs.

I am now paranoid that this will delay my treatment. I didn't want this. I just want to get done for crying out loud. I feel like I am getting better, but who knows what the doctors will say. It's a bit touch and go with this stuff. Wish me luck.


Queue_t said...

wishing you luck and anything else you need to ward off a cold and to continue your treatment.

Hang in there kido... I am pulling for you and still have you in my prayers.

Jules said...

BEST BEST BEST of luck, Grunty!!

Hugs and kisses!

vera said...

*thinking of you*

Crystal said...

you tell those doctors that i will beat them up if they don't give you your chemo.

p.s. i am wearing my pancakes go here thong today!

Diane Mandy said...

I'll be wishing you good health in the New Year.

The Grunt said...

QT~ Your prayers worked.

Jules~ Thanks!

Vera~ It helps to know that people are thinking of me, especially you.

Crystal~ It warms my heart to know that you are wearing that.

Diane~ Thanks, that does mean a lot.