Monday, July 16, 2007


Keep tuned my friends. I am waiting to get more information first before I go public.

As for whether I'd be Superman or a billionaire. Well, I'm all about x-ray vision and hitting on cute journalists. Plus, I'd already have my own fortress of solitude. Oh, and super friends! Really, though, I have a part of me that likes rescuing people, so yeah, that's a total turn on for me. Plus, I think Superman's farts must have special powers too, so I'd like to find out what those would be.

I guess both Superman and a billionaire wear capes, at least I think billionaires wear them.


Keshi said...

I love men in capes :)

I hope ur well Grunty. ***HUGS*** Im here for ya...anytime ok.


David said...

Yes, but billionaires tend to wear monocles with their capes and carry canes - with or without lasers hidden in them.

Clearlykels said...

:-) Thinking of you.

Scary Monster said...

Me would have to go with Superman just because me wants to be like you.

Strong and good looking in blue tights and red boots.


Wait! This ain't TIGF is it?

Outdoorsy Girl said...

Yeah you should totally choose to be Superman. Then we could be Super Friends! Or I could even be your sidekick...scratch that...I want a sidekick of my own. We'll just have to be Super Friends.

But I do think that billionaires wear capes too. Does Bill Gates?

Jules said...

when you find out what the farts do, make sure to let me know! I hadn't thought of SuperGas. Can I change my answer?

Sexy Suburbanite said...

I wouldn't want either. I mean, who wants the pain and responibility that comes along with having super powers? Then again, who wants all the pains associated with having that sort of money? No thanks, it's the simple, middle class suburban life for me!

Sun Follower said...

you ARE superman

The Grunt said...

Keshi~ I think I'm going to be wearing capes from now on;)

David~ You bring up several good points here. Are you familiar with any rich eccentrics?

Kels~ It feels good when you do that:-)

Scary~ You are allowed to jump the gun on TIGF!!!

O-Girl~ What kind of sidekick would be by your side? I would choose a super intelligent animal of some kind. A giraffe, perhaps?

Jules~ Superman's farts reduce green house gasses, thus, reversing global warming.

Sexy Suburbanite~ You get points for honesty. I'm sure your husband might appreciate the costume for special occasions.

Sun~ My powers are getting stronger from all that finger crossing you've been doing.

Outdoorsy Girl said...

I would pick Fred the Lion as my sidekick, but he already belongs to Super Chicken and we all know that Super Chiken is the greatest super hero of all time so he wins.

Keshi said...

lolz good idea! add a mask to it too ;-)


David said...

I have a Russian billionaire who doesn't like me very much and wants to start a second Russian revolution, but he does not wear a cape... though I think he should.