Sunday, July 08, 2007

Shameless baby photos of Little Gruntie

Check me out in the first frame (left). I was already reading at an eigth grade level. I believe I was reading "Catcher in the Rye". The coming of age adventures of Holden Caufield and his hunter's cap had me riveted. Plus, I got to learn a bunch of swear words that were really bad in the '50s.

In the second frame I'm just jazzed as shit about my freaky yellow teddy bear. It's good to have friends. However, that was one nasty breakup between the both of us. I ended up having to leave him for an Evel Knievel doll and toy motorcycle. That didn't last long because Han Solo really had the right stuff.

In this last photo I was calling all the hot girl babies I could, trying to get as many naked baby photo sessions with them as possible and play a little doctor. Somewhere along the way my family's strict religious beliefs messed all that natural born playa I had in me. I'm slowly recovering.

For fun, in addition to whatever comments you'd like to make, try your hand at making a caption for each of the photos above. It will cheer a guy up who's about to go under the knife.


Scott said...

Love the pics!

Also, I had not written that I really thought that the songs of yours are great. Nice to hear the voice and understand the passion that you have for your instrument.



vera said...


Hmmmmm... I look like a little eskimo in my baby pics.

*pinches chubby cheeks* and the ones on your face are cute too!!


Scary Monster said...

Caption one: You want me to sign what?

Catption two: Hey, thanks fer comin by. What? Nah, it were a snap the doc was cool.

Caption three: Yo dude ya gotta come over here. This place be a blast! All Me nurses be totally hot and they think me be the funniest guy on the planet!!!

Things you say when you goin through Brain Salad Sugery.

You take care of yorself, buddy.

Outdoorsy Girl said...

Awww...How cute!!!!!!

I'm not sure what he said, but I think that freaky yellow bear of yours just whispered something to you. By the looks of it, he was trying to persuade you to do something naughty and get you into trouble.

Logophile said...

OK, how precious has the Grunty always been?
So cute, in that last one you look like someone just told you something very funny.
I would try to caption them all smart assed and stuff but I look at your cute widdle baby face and go,

blog Portland said...

My caption for the last photo, although an anachoronism by now, is still funny to me:


Clearlykels said...

Love the baby pics! You'll be fine. I know it. Sorry, I am horrible at captions.

Spacecake said...

Hahahahaa, such cute pics! :D

The second one is def. my favorite, topped with your "I'm just jazzed as shit about my freaky yellow teddy bear." Haha, man that cracked me up. You can't top that.

I think I still have a yellow teddy bear somewhere <_< I tried to get rid of it though. Unsuccesfully.

goldennib said...

Picture One: Do you see this part of the schematic? This is where the NAND gate forces the VCO to oscillate and overload the amplifiers thus causing the pitch to squeal in ecstasy.

Picture Two: Yo, man, this here yellow bear is way cool. Dig his bowtie.

Picture Three: You'll do what for me? While you're wearing what? Oh, baby, you got me goin'.

Praying for you, you cute baby, you.

Karyn said...

#1: No shit, you really ARE supposed to take my temperature like that.

#2: Yeah that's right, and I'll ralph on you all over again if you try to tickle me into smiling for the camera one more time.

#3: Seriously, I totally pooped my own body weight. I KNOW, it's awesome.

Too damn cute; I like the last one especially. Not great at captions but there you go.

Rock on, baby.

Jules said...

Pic 1: I didn't know there were that many sexual positions... mommy and daddy only do the first one and they they're done. *thinks to self: and they think I'm sleeping*

Pic 2: LMAO! Hey Mom! MOM!!!! See that, did you see what Bearsie just did? Holy shit is this guy FUNNY!!!!

Pic 3: Oops! Oops!! Did you hear that? I just farted. No, wait... wait!! I'm gonna do it again! Listen!

Jules said...

P.S. Grunty - best of best of best of the BEST of luck tomorrow!!!!!!! I got'cher back, babes! Mwaaah!

Chandra said...

So freakin cute. okay what did I miss ... knife? are you getting your boobs done like everyone else? :(

Jules said...

Oops. I did it again. I didn't mean tomorrow. Shit.

The Grunt said...

Scott~ Thanks man. I've been meaning to email you about the mix CD you sent. I've been a bit preoccupied lately.

Vera~ You were a little Eskimo pie. Sweet!

Scary~ Ha, good ones! Thanks for the well wishing. Here's to me getting well and hopefully finding out that I don't have cancer or some other terrible shit.

O-Girl~ Yeah, I've heard about the bear that you use in the classroom.

Logo~ Aw, shux!

JJ~ Hey, that caption fits perfect! It's either that one or the look of a man who is getting his Quest on.

Kels~ I will go with what you are feeling. I don't need anymore bad things to happen to me right now. Thanks for wishing me well and thinking of me.

Spacecake~ So, you are saying that your freaky yellow teddy bear keeps coming back no matter how you dispose of it? That is pure evil. LOL!

Nessa~ Thanks for the prayers. I need them. It is one of those deals where the surgery is minor, but the results of the biopsy could be life altering.

Karyn~ Those are great captions. They made me laugh and that is something that I need right now.

Jules~ Three comments means you care. Fun captions, btw.

Chandra~ I wish I were getting my boobs done. The surgery is minor. I am getting a lymph node removed because it has become unruly, painful, hard, and large. Sounds like another part of my anatomy. My CAT scan from a week ago led my doctor to believe that there might be evil shit going on there and he wants to get on this mofo pronto. I hope that explains it.

Crystal said...

i can only think of a caption for the middle one and i haven't read the comments so there is a good chance that my caption will match someone else's because i am incredibly unclever and perverted.

"now, show mommy and daddy on the doll where elder johns touched you."

God, grunt, looked like you enjoyed every minute of it too!

The Grunt said...

Crystal~ Your uncleverness and perversion is why I still hang with you. It makes me look clever and clean.