Sunday, July 15, 2007

One simple question...

Which would you rather be: Superman(woman) or a billionaire? Why?

I'm not going to answer just yet, so as not to influence your responses.

Oh yeah, I've been healing up well and getting lots of rest. Things will work out, I'm positive. I want to say that having all of you comment here and show your support to me has really had a positive effect on me during this time.


Outdoorsy Girl said...

Superwoman without a doubt! I could fearlessly accomplish all my adventuring goals, travel would be cheap since I could fly for free, and being Superwoman would automatically make me rich anyway. I could sell my pics to the tabloids and sell pieces of steele that I bent with my bare hands on Ebay. Or I could go evil and rob a band and get away with it.

Not to mention how sweet revenge would be as Superwoman.

Jules said...

I'd want to be a billionaire. I wouldn't want to live forever, I'd just want to be able to do what I pleased while I had my time on this earth. Travel (although I could just fly for free if I were Superwoman but there's still that immortality thing), eat what I want and then get lypo (j/k), never have the stressors of not having enough money, I'd be able to give it away as I saw the need... yeah, I'd choose the huge bank account.

Pokey said...

I would want the cash as well. I certainly do not want to live forever, I am hoping there is an end eventually for me. But I would have a marvelous time spending money and donating to all my friends in need. It would be fun.

paul said...

as far as i know superman is also mortal, he just lives longer than a human does ... but i'm no epert on exobiology

but SUPERMAN, beyond any doubt!
you barely need money (unless the jumper sues you because you saved him while he was trying to kill himself) and you can do all kinds of thing that will make you a lot of money which of course i'd spend on various good causes
if i'm not to busy saving/helping/...
waauw man, i'd be too good for this world ;)

(and more support to you mr grunt)

paul said...

definitely SUPERMAN :)
and after reading this i'm prepared for all possible threaths

Karyn said...

Superwoman. Totally.

Because as stated in other comments... being Superwoman would have its own financial windfall attached if you did it right.

IE: You could spin the planet, travel forward, sort the lottery numbers, come back, play 'em, and visit the talk show circuit, write your book, produce a fitness video, get a cooking show, a home decorating show, a makeover show, and a magazine with your name on it. And you KNOW Bill Gates would want a piece of your superness.

Plus, like Outdoorsy Girl said, free travel, woohoo!

Oh. And...there's that "helping others" thing too.

Beth said...

The greedy part of me wants to be a millionaire and think that I can be a superwoman with all the money that I have. But then, my current situation may influence that...

The senstive me, the me that I am normally would want to be superwoman. The responsible of saving the people would just thrill me! (Wait I am a teacher... isn't that a type of superwoman?)

Keshi said...

Can I say I want to be neither of em? Cos I know I wont be happy being Superwoman or a billionaire. Im happy just the way I am.


The Grunt said...

O-girl~ I could totally see vials of Superwoman's sweat selling big time on Ebay.

Jules~ With the way you were talking a couple of weeks ago I knew you were all about the Benjamins.

Pokey~ That would be awesome, no doubt! I think I'd buy myself a gold plated Zebra with kick-ass rims. It doesn't have to make sense when you have that kind of cash.

Paul~ I like your outlook on this. Thanks for your support. I never tire of that joke!

Karyn~ Where's the first place you'd go?

Beth~ Yeah, I think you qualify as some kind of superwoman for sure!

Keshi~ Well, I've talked to the judges and they accept your answer:) You are good.

Keshi said...

but if Superwoman cud save Grunty, then I'd gladly be Superwoman :)


Random Thinker said...

i wanna be a billionaire... being a superman can get enhausting - especially helping one person at a time. having money can mean hiring a ton of people to make lots of differences to lots of people.

blog Portland said...

Superman, hands down. With my super powers I would achieve bilionaire status through monetary rewards, and loot from pillaging alien civilizations.