Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tag, I'm it!

I don't play tag that often. My way of blogging gets a bit thrown off by doing memes and games like this. However, when some of my most favorite pixel pals decides to give me a slap on the ass, I respond with a happy face, albeit a bit blush. Such a pal has tagged me. That pal is Sun Follower.

Well, I've got Christmas cards from her, so I know she really exists. I'm not so sure about all you other people. You still might be figments of my overactive imagination--an imagination that I fuel with Pixie Sticks and cough syrup. It's my anti-drug. Not surprisingly, I tend to wake up naked in the Zoo covered in animal blood every so often. I know the caretaker there. She kind of covers for me.

On with the shoe!

The rulz:

"Each player lists 8 facts/habits about themselves. The rules of the game are posted at the beginning before those facts/habits are listed. At the end of the post, the player then tags 8 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog," Are you popping a stiff one and/or ovary yet? Good.

1. I pick up pennies off of the ground no matter where I am or how disgusting they may be. If a dog ate a penny and crapped it out, I'd be obsessing about the shiny copper piece stuck in the hairy, corn infested butt sausage all day long. My freakin' luck is at stake, fer crying out loud!

2. Once I get behind the wheel of a car I turn into Evil Goofy. If you haven't seen that Driver's Education video, produced by Disney, then too bad. I'm not explaining it for you.

3. I can grow an awesome beard so long as it doesn't require side burns. What in the hell is wrong with me that I can't grow some damn mutton chops?

4. I spent the afternoon and evening of last Saturday with a fellow blogger, a Grunt regular. Guess who it was.

5. I tend to give into superstitious behavior when I really want something bad. Somehow, the rituals that I go through during this time tend to calm me down and I feel in control of a situation that I might have no real control of. In other words, despite having a Bachelor's of Science in Psychology, I don't do shit about this problem. You know what, I don't care either.

6. I have had dreams where I've done Princess Leia's hair. I'm not talking about styling her hair here, but it does involve some hair dressing. Move over Paul Newman!

7. I am always nervously tapping my feet, hands, you name it. I chew anything plastic as well. I straightened out all the business cards today at a receptionist's desk. It's alright. I mean, I only do it for a hobby.

8. Here's a fact about me: I am nice, very nice, but only to a point. Today a tech dude at work overheard a conversation that I was having with a girl about my current health woes and how during all of this my truck is in need of some repairs. Here's what "Mr. Tact" Eugene Axehandleass butt in and said, "The reason your truck sucks is because it's a Dodge, eheheheheheheheh!" Well, I decided that I wasn't going to be nice today; no, not to him. I proceeded to enlighten him thusly, "I drive a Chevy and thanks for ruining my conversation with my friend here." Actually, that would have been the nice way. What really happened was I told him to "go home, douche bag!"

Okay, here's who I tag:
Kayla, because she just had a birthday.
Queu_t, because she is my most dedicated lurker ever.
Serena Joy, because she visits me on occasion and I want her to keep visiting me. But now that I've gone and tagged her she might be sore with me. Please don't go, Serena!
Crystal, because she is about to go on vacation and this will piss her off.
Logo, because she likes to pull my leg and boss me around. I totally let her too.
Clearlykels, because she is ridiculous and humors me by responding so nicely to the odd emails that I've sent her here and there. Oh, and she has a tattoo.
Celeste, because she takes pictures of stuff that pleases my eye. My eyes like to be pleased. Also, did I mention that she kicks ass?
Cora, because her and her husband really have been good friends to me beyond blogging.

If you feel left out it's just because it is late and I only had to do eight. I also picked all girls, and would have love to pick some more, because tag is more fun when you get to chase girls around. It just is.

Okay, go ahead and do it if you feel left out.


EBEZP said...

Got to say mate that's about the best meme type taggy thing I have read for a long time. Starting with a number 1 like that! Gross!!

Good one!

Lulu (Dan's cat) said...

I have had dreams where I've done Princess Leia's hair.

Better not let Han Solo hear about this or he'll kick your ass! :)

Clearlykels said...

Good Tag! I'll do it when I get back from the beach.

So, how many pennies have you collected over the years?

Logophile said...

I get to boss the Grrrrunty :D
I will work on this right now.
Fascinating glimpses, also, yes, the hyenas are jealous, they have to get therapy and stuff. Its the hidden social crisis of the African plains.


goldennib said...

I pick up every coin I see and I play the superstition game also. Both are very important to my scant peace of mind.

Photogirl said...

oooooh, is this "kissing tag"? You know, the game we all played in elementary school where we pretend to be grossed out by the idea of kissing/being kissed by a member of the opposite sex, but we secretly love it and find pathetic excuses to trip up and get caught?


You never played?

Ok well anyway, thanks for the compliments! I'll do the meme at work later :)

blog Portland said...

I absolutely get #2, having both seen and lived it. That, and they actually made us watch it for driver's ed in Texas.

Mayden' s Voyage said...

Got it Grunt...I'll see what I can come up with, but only for you!
I'll probably have to make something up to make it interesting...like-
"I have dreamed of playing with Luke Skywalkers sword"...and I mean the one that lights up! LOL!

Jules said...

I didn't know you were a chewer and a tapper. Those two things can come in handy when put into play in the right kind of situation!

Serena Joy said...

Princess Leia? Oh, dear.:) Good tag, and interesting answers. I'll have to see what I can come up with myself. Tomorrow. Just watch out for my flying monkeys.:-)

Scary Monster said...

Good answers and good tags too. When Me saw you on the list above me, me were wonderin iffin ya were gonna do it.

Spendin quality time with a quality Girl? Oh, Me be envious. Me ain't never seen the evil goofy thang, but me will try and find it on You Tube.


Keshi said...

Nice to know more abt ya Grunty :)

**. I spent the afternoon and evening of last Saturday with a fellow blogger, a Grunt regular. Guess who it was.



The Grunt said...

Ebezp~ Yeah, I can't stand most meme's, so if I do one I make sure it is memorable.

Lulu~ I figure that Leia's hair just might be worth an ass kicking.

Kels~ Too many, that's how many. You're going to the beach? Can I come?

Logo~ I'm all about hyena awareness.

Nessa~ We are so much alike that I am going to check my private parts twice tomorrow morning just to make doubly sure that I haven't turned into a woman.

Celeste~ Oh, I played. I pretended that I was bad at it as well.

JJ~ Yeah, I also had the animated Disney sex education film. That one was rather incomplete.

Cora~ I knew you'd be a good sport about it.

Jules~ Oh, do they ever!

Serena~ Flying monkeys? Are you sure you haven't been taking peeks into my head?

Scary~ Well, this was a tag from Sun Follower. I will do them from time to time depending on my mood. Definitely check to see if Evil Goofy is on You Tube.

Keshi~ Ding, ding, ding! You win a prize.

Keshi said...

wow yeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! :):)


Karyn said...

I'm totally doing it - because Kels tagged me.

Which is good. Because nobody else did. Harrumph. ;)

Sun Follower said...

I stopped in... because I am the least bit curious... :)

Nice list, tagee.