Thursday, July 05, 2007

TIGF!!! (That's Incredibly Gay Friday): I love technology

Strap me down. This schematic for a digital theremin device gets me so hot. I want to play with my NAND gate until my VCO oscillates uncontrollably. I want to overload my quad operational amplifiers until they distort from being way too over driven (some geek will then point out that there are no quad op-amps in this schematic--douche bags). I want to tweak the pitch until it squeals in ecstasy, whooooooo-wheeeeeeee-whooooooo!
What gets you all techno TIGF hot?


goldennib said...

What language are you speaking?

Outdoorsy Girl said...

Whew! Reading schematic jargon like this is what gets me all hot. It's like a sexy foreign language to me, but in that special TIGF way.

blog Portland said...

I'm more apt to make a move on mid-level technology, like a car vac or hot tub jet.

Scary Monster said...

Me can't say that technical stuff turns me into a gay blade, but put me in a really cool kitchen that has the best equipment and Me will be doing pirouettes and cooking quiche for the entire cast of the broadway show of your choice.


vera said...

Mmmmm... talk geeky to me...!!


Jules said...

Thanks to the many chats we've had, this schematic has me puddling in my seat as I type!

But in all seriousness, really deep loud bass gets me revvvvved up like nothing else. Mmmmmmm.

The Grunt said...

Nessa~ Crazy talk, as usual!

O-Girl~ Hot jargon sounds like some studly Norwegian dude.

JJ~ If you don't get any action hot tubbing at least there's old reliable: the hot tub jet!

Scary~ I can dig that. I'm not so much into the actual techno shit that I lampooned so much as the musical instruments or effects that they represent. I am just competent enough to build and repair some synths, amplifiers, effects, and other electronic musical instruments. I'm self taught and just good enough not to electricute myself to death, is what I'm saying.

Vera~ Okay...Star Trek rulz!!!

Jules~ Simmer down, young lady. I just polished that subwoofer!

Spacecake said...


...okay not really, but I just felt like that had something to do with technology, techno and... TIGF among other stuff.

Sun Follower said...

Once a gear slut - always a gear slut. I am a sucker for ProTools.

Photogirl said...

I don't need all the bells and whistles to get that wored up. My TIGF techno toy only requires two batteries. Its the simple things in life, ya know? ;)

Christielli said...

All I need is my iPod.

Keshi said...

and that is...Spanish?

Lol Grunty ur cute!


The Grunt said...

Spacecake~ Trance music can be cool. I'm probably a bit out of the loop on that stuff. I do like The Orb and Kraftwork.

Sun~ Someday I will get me some Pro Tools.

Celeste~ And those two batteries power up what again? LOL! Fun choice!

Christielli~ Wise choice!

Keshi~ I try my best to tone it down but I am just too cute;)