Sunday, January 28, 2007

Grunt sighting verified

It turns out that I am a real human being and a living legend, not a mere myth or persona. This fact has been verified in the flesh by one Outdoorsy Girl, while she was visiting/snow boarding in this great land of milk and honey that I call home. I can honestly say that she is as advertised, a cool chic who can talk forever about a multitude of things, and that is, as my Wooderson voice in my head would say, "All...right!" However, if you happen to bump into Miss Outdoorsy Girl, don't expect her to be wearing her Merrel Boots and a shouldering a rucksack, alright? She's got good fashion sense. So good, that she suggested that I wear a gay man scarf for solving mysteries around the Ogden metro area. Mysteries, such as, "Why is that drunken hobo howling at me," and "Is this the cemetery where a green female demon hangs out?"

Anyway, it was the first time for me meeting a fellow blogger that I am not related to. Actually, it was the first time meeting anyone where initial contact was made online. All went well and Clyde was more than happy to make an appearance. I guess I am willing to do a world tour and drop in on whoevers. This 3D encounter stuff is fun.

By the way, I'm told that I am much cooler in person. I have accepted this as scientific fact and will now have a certificate made to authorize me as an official "Fonzy" level cool guy.


Scary Monster said...

Me thinks it must be nice to be thought of as more impressive in person than in persona. Me would have to take swimming lessons from Cabo to be able to visit any of the people me has met online. You be lucky Grunt.
Aaaaayyyyyy, STOMP.

NYD said...

Hey grunt did you wear the gay scarf on the slopes?
If you become an official Fozzerelli you will never be allowed to wear an ascot again,
unless it black leather. That might just be alittle too gay; even for friday.

NYD said...

oops *Fonzerelli*

Bugs said...

"Is this the cemetery where a green female demon hangs out?"
OMG GRUNT! you were right outside and you didn't pop in to say hi to me ???

Clearlykels said...

ha ha-- It is good to know that you are even cooler in real life. Yay! A blogger meet up. How fun!

Scott said...

That is very cool Grunt! Hope that you guys stay in touch.

Logophile said...

Alright! Fun stuff, isn't it?
I agree that wearing one of those would be the only way to go if you solve crimes in the greater Ogden area.
So your choices are:
1. move,
2. forever allow things to remain a mystery.

Barbarian02003 said...

Come to St. Louis, Issy and I will treat you right.

Claire said...

Oh man. All mysteries need the addition of gay scarves.


The Grunt said...

SM~ I can't think of anything cooler than a big, green scary monster.

NYD~ Although I am an expert skier (really), I was not with O-Girl and her posse for that activity. I am more of a Salt Lake City man, but I went to university in Ogden and that is kind of where she was staying. So, I was a tour guide of sorts. Fonzerelli indeed!

Bugs~ I'm sorry, will you forgive me? I tried to conjure you up, though. "Bugs! Bugs!! Bugs!!!" Hmmm, still nothing.

Kels~ Yeah, it was fun. Yes, I am not all dork it turns out. What would you expect from the Captain of Team Wholesome?

Scott~ Yeah, it is cool.

Logo~ Are you trying to lure me up to the great Northwest?

Barbarian~ I'd like that a lot.

Claire~ Yes, and I am all about solving mysteries. In fact, I am trying to solve the mystery of what is floating around in my shoe making my foot uncomfortable.

Crystal said...

i want a ride from Clyde!

blog Portland said...

Yeah, I give up too. Is "Clyde" just another name for your magical grunt staff?

cindra said...

A gay scarf? I thought all scarves were asexual. And "Fonzy cool"? Seriously? Dude, flocks of blogger babes are coming your way. Treat them well.


Keshi said...

hey cool dude!

WOW u met Outdoorsy, how lucky r ya!! I better go to her blog n ask all the details abt ya ;-)


Photogirl said...

I was 'spotted' having lunch the other day by someone who comments on my blog!

I'm glad that she thinks you're cool in person too. But really, was there ever a doubt?! ;)

Christielli said...

Great idea with the Fonzy certificate.

Yay for real life meetings.

Outdoorsy Girl said...

Grunt...Thanks for the kind comments. I had a blast! Clyde Rocks! :)

EVERYONE...There is a correction to be on this post: It was not a gay MAN scarf, but a WOMAN's scarf I suggested--A womanly scarf that I made myself so I know just how girly it is! Though not quite periwinkle, it was still a nice gay lavendar tone. It smelled all girly, too. Not only that, but he actually wore it! But for only about 3 seconds before quickly and politely declining and tossing it back to me.

...Just sayin' so y'all have the REAL story!

The Grunt said...

Crystal~ Well, you know where I live and he's always gassed up and ready to roll.

JJ~ My magical Grunt staff's name is Oscar. Clyde is my magical Grunt whip/chariot (1978 K20 Chevy P/U). I did a full on resto job about seven years ago and he's do for another paint job, because I really have beat the crap out of him. Plus, I have to freshen up the engine, introduce about 450 ponies, but keep the low-end grunt for wheelin'. This is not a hillbilly trophy truck. I use this thing for work and for trail blazing. I also want to get serious about alternate fuels and set up the fuel system for ethanol.

Uh, I think I love my truck way too much.

Cindra~ I pride myself in being a gentleman first and a scoundrel second.

Keshi~ Yeah, get all the juicy details. It's cool.

Celeste~ I know. I know. It's just that this was the first time that a person who got to know me as Senior Grunty met the person behind the blog in the flesh. So, I was a bit nervous about perceptions.

Christielli~ Ayyyyyyyyy! If I do a world tour I will stop in Toronto for sure.

O-Girl~ Yeah, yeah, it was a girly girl scarf, but once on a manly man, it becomes a gay man-scarf. I am not a gay man, but the scarf, which is on the man, is gay. Well, technically, it was a girl's scarf that made me look gay. We are not talking homosexuality here. Gay is just about the most versatile word in the English language, and that is why I love it.

Jules said...

Well, if you're ever up Red Deer's way. You could do a tour through Calgary and my city - catch a few of us! That would be better than a phone call on June 22nd.

LindzyPinzy said...

cool! that would be pretty crazy seing a fellow blogger unexpectantly in real life