Thursday, January 11, 2007

Moog XX or Moog XY?


Or This?

Walter or Wendy? Was Wendy always Wendy, just pretending to be Walter? Or, did Walter not feel like a Walter and became Wendy?

Whatever, I am switched on Bach because of her/him, in a fat, analog way. Blurpt!


Scott said...

Loving the "Switched on Bach" reference. I have a copy of that on CD... fun stuff.


Gentleman-hobbs said...

The second pics a bloke surely

Gentleman-hobbs said...

Mind you Shaftem-Slyly would still give her one. He just sacked a geezer called Justin Dowd too, reckons he must have a small cock!

somewhere joe said...

When I played keys in a band years ago, sampling was totally dominant - personally I always liked Yamaha's FM technology, true synthesis, and all the nuanced stuff you could make it do. Now all I have a simple 88 key piano synth and mostly all I play anymore is Bach. Do all circuits lead back to Bach?

Jules said...

No dominant Adam's apple leads me to believe it's the bottom of the two and the top's just that she's dressed up for Halloween. ??

Keshi said...

Guys 'as' Dolls? :):)


Outdoorsy Girl said...

A manly chick? A chickly man? Not sure.

Karyn said...

looks like a man in chick's clothing to me.

blog Portland said...

I don't think we've considered the possibility that they have both parts, and change between genders like most folks do pants. I know their kind is out there; we've all seen the videos (even if unwillingly).

The Grunt said...

Scott~ I can always count on you to be in tune with what I'm talking about, musically. Carlos' work on the "Clockwork Orange" soundtrack is amazing.

Hobbs~ Sometimes all you have to be is Justin Dowd, so long as her name is "Justine A. Wigglesworth". Ha! I kill me. Will anybody read this reply? Let me know.

Joe~ I believe they do, and rightly so. That is cool that you tickle the ivories. I hamfist the six-string and yodle a bit, myself.

Jules~ How much would you wager?

Keshi~ Droll, but I like that:D

O-Girl~ Keep working on that and see what you come up with.

Karyn~ How have you been feeling? Better, I hope.

JJ~ Hermaphrodite, hmmm? I will see what the judges have to say....YES! It is allowed my friend.