Monday, January 22, 2007

This post brought to you by....Herman Hollerith

The dude who must've made this computer. Seriously, I think I found a little slot where the punch cards go in for tabulation.

Well, I didn't get around to visiting everybody like I wanted to. I have had some personal issues and needed to help my family out. You know, I was pretty consistent with the whole blogging thing for a long time. I think I deserve to go all "Babs" once in a while. The important thing is that Morpheus brought me back and the decision to return back to my life was a good one, because it is the only life I have. I know you are all, WTF? Just trust me. I am back and I am not giving in, up, or it away for free--discount perhaps, but not free.

So, if you have felt like I have been personally neglecting you, I have. Get over it! Now, lets have some fun.


Scary Monster said...

Punch cards?!? Did me hear punch cards??? Grunt you bringing back mem'ries for me.

Getting off (for a few days)is good, but getting back in (the game)is always better.
See ya around, STOMP!

Claire said...

Hee, I love your posts, even when I have been feeling neglected!


vera said...


Jules said...

It's hard to feel neglected when I, myself, have been more absent than present also! But I'm happy to hear things are back in their place for you G-Dawg!

P.S. I might be interested in some of that "it"... depends on the sale price.

Photogirl said...

As long as you keep entertaining us with TIGF, I'll forgive you ;)

Pokey said...

I don't care if you read my blog or not as long as you keep me entertained over here!

Outdoorsy Girl said...

Good decision, Grunt. You do only have one life, as well as one family, and only one you. You can't be everywhere at once. You must focus on the important things in life.

Sure, I (all of us) will miss seeing you around the board as often, but trust me when I say I am much happier knowing that you are taking care of yourself. :)

Keshi said...

awwwww u neglected me u neglected me u bad bad Grunty boy...LOL!


cindra said...

You ass. I nearly killed myself. I'll never forgive you. And if you think I'll just start having Where is my gift? The make up gift?

The Grunt said...

SM~ Yes, punch cards. I have a brief case full of cards that allows me to tabulate the amount that my computer sucks.

Claire~ Where have you been hiding? Well, I need to welcome you in officially. Welcome!

Vera~ It's a good thing.

Jules~ It is a brand new piece of belly lint. Still interested?

Photogirl~ I recognize your eyes. Do I have to call you by your new handle, or can I call you "Heavenly C"?

Pokey~ But I do read your blog. You were here at the genesis.

O-Girl~ Life, live it.

Keshi~ I need to sit in a corner, don't I?

Cindra~ Uh, it's in the mail. Yeah, that's the ticket.

goldennib said...

It's been going around. No pressure, mon.

Keshi said... the naughty chair :)


Jules said...

I collect belly lint, didn't you know?