Monday, January 15, 2007

I is, fool!

It would have been much better if God said it like that.

Someone was talking about how procrastination was the most dire evil afflicting humankind. I was asked by that person what I thought. Here's what I, I will tell you later when I am up to it.

Really, people focus on the actual behavior of procrastination and rarely examine the root cause/motivation for the behavior. It is easy to do this. Some religious people will tell you to pray or read scriptures and that Satan is behind all of this. Satan must be the James Brown of the other side. Hell, it seems like he is working overtime, all up in everyone's busniness, kind of like church people. Now, I am not attacking every one that chooses to practice a religion, religion, or church going. I just like using generalizations, such as Republicans are bigotted oppressors and the Democrats are pussies and will end up screwing themselves with power just like the other 'tards in office. No, that wasn't right at all. Get thee behind me, Satan! See, he was making me type slanderous things. I think I need to spend an afternoon pondering Job or Saul. But, I will do that tomorrow.

Do you fear what you put off?

Do you not desire what you put off?

Do you just feel like it isn't a priority?

Maybe you feel overwhelmed and want it to go away.

Maybe you are just lazy.

Is you lazy, or is you not?


somewhere joe said...

Mayhaps the world would be better off if everybody, especially powerful heads of state, procrastinated more.

vera said...

Fear is a very passive emotion. Procrastinators tend to be very passive people. I think the two go hand-in-hand very well.
As for me, I do like to get things done and achieve goals and meet milestones, etc etc... Under certain conditions... Of course, everyone has to have conditions... It's part of the Laws of Nature (Chapter 430, p. 278,893).
I can't be arsed to do something that ought to function on it's own or function as it ought to function w/o a lot of huffing and puffing on my own part. Things should just Work™.
I can't be arsed to explain something to someone when, if only logic is applied, the explanation can be conjured up by themselves. I can't be arsed to change something that will only required another change in the near future, so why not wait until all the facts are in before things get changed.
And I'm lazy... :P If I see no immediate benefit to doing something, there are other things I'd rather be doing that *that* particular thing. I am very good @ prioritizing. IE: Right now, I am going for coffee before I start doing my amendments. See, I know what's what. I am schooled, yo.


Scott said...

I know that 100% of the time my procrastination comes from my own laziness. I love it!


Outdoorsy Girl said...

Yep. Most of the time it's due to my laziness. Sometimes it's fear. But usually, it's just that I don't want to do it and am hoping that it will just take care of itself. Never happens like that, though.

Karyn said...

I is guilty of each of those things on different occasions. I is human; I is imperfect. So is everybody else. And I is okay with that.

Mayden's Voyage said...

There is one thing I want, more than just about anything- and being a success OR a failure in this one area frightens me...seriously.
And if people knew how much it frightens me- they'd flip out.
Because it's what I'm meant to do- it is my destiny...
And why am I afraid?
I'll have to sort that out friend-
Believe it or not- you've made me take a hard look at myself this moring. I've got to get over this...I know I do.

Logophile said...

I'z so lazy sometimes and sometimes I don't want to face realities, de Nile ain't just a river in Egpyt, baby.
If I don't see it, its not really there, right?

Keshi said...

lil lazy at times but Im generally against procrastination. I dun believe in putting off things that can be done now.

** Here's what I, I will tell you later when I am up to it.

hehe nice one :)


Sun Follower said...

One of my very first blogs was entitled Procrastination Nation....

Scary Monster said...

Me know all about procrastination. Me can explain it all in exact detail and reveal the secret to destryong the most unworthy of human traits.
But me can't do it now. Me got to check out some other stuff at the moment. Me will get back to you on this tomorrow, promise

Egan said...

Good point Mr. Grunt about procrastination. Sure I put stuff off, but why? There's a lot more to it than a crutch.

Personally I procrastinate because it was my way of controlling things.

Bugs said...

Laziness is an important part of human says Paul Lafargue, and he should know coz he's dead and other stuff I can't be bothered researching now,I'll do it later :P

cindra said...

Oh, I am just bad at prioritizing and organizing and I'm really good at procrastinating. So, why fight it?

Jules said...

I rarely procrastinate, and when I do, it is definately because I'm overwhelmed by too many things at once. When I'm finally able to gather my thoughts and put things in a sequence that will make sense, things always get done.

The Grunt said...

Joe~ I'm thinking that there is certainly a "looking before you leap" lesson to be learned by politicians.

Vera~ It depends on the kind person who is experiencing fear. Some will react hastily in fear. I am glad that you are a go-getter and are one to overcome and face your fears.

Scott~ I know you are not globally laconic, so it must be a form of chillin'.

O-Girl~ Yeah, it seems like you understand the why. You don't seem to put much off. You are always chasing your wanderlust and that impresses me.

Karyn~ You is alright in my book.

Cora~ You will accomplish this goal if you keep at it. Just leave room for setbacks. They happen.

Logo~ Believe me, Bigfoot is real!

Keshi~ You go, girl! Good philosophy you have. There I go talking like Yoda again. It's the thing that I have been putting off working on: my bad habit of Yoda talking I have.

Sun~ That is a great blog name. Are the posts still around from that blog?

SM~ Yeah, you have tall buildings in Tokyo to smash. You have to prioritize; I understand.

Egan~ Yes, control is a big source of motivation in a lot of things--great comment.

Bugs~ Laziness in good measure is one of my most cherished treasures.

Cindra~ You are too cool. I knew there was a reason I got on with ya.

Jules~ Heh, but whenever I see you, you are just laying around relaxing in a bubble bath. How do you get anything done, huh?