Thursday, January 18, 2007

TIGF!!! (That's Incredibly Gay Friday): Superheros and their "trusty" sidekicks

Let's face it, Bruce Wayne gets the women, but Batman forever has Robin. Ha-ha, multi-level comedic reference...score! Proceed to next level. Okay...continuing on; I sense that most sidekicks are really just a throwback to the Greeks "mentoring" program for young boys. Well, superpowers just don't come out of thin air, you have to earn those golden lassos and special wristbands. So, unless you are Superman, you are going to have to survive some kind of radioactive accident, or just have some rich weirdo in tights give you neat crime fighting skills.

I have often thought of Robin and what he must go through in order to stay in Bruce's good graces. Sometimes going for a ride on a Vincent Black Knight is a thrilling experience of man and machine, and other times it is just a euphemism for "paying the rent".

There is nothing as pure as two consensual crime fighters taking on the evil in the world, but I sometimes wonder if the young orphans of the world are really just being lured in with promises of fast invisible jets and bullet-proof cod pieces. What becomes of these side kicks?

I want your theories into these side kick relationships and their lives after the honeymoon has faded. I am mui tired, amigos. Wow me with your comments and I just might come out of seclusion and visit y'all. It has been a weird month for me.


Logophile said...

Dude, your blog hates me.
I've tried to comment on this like, three times.
OK, Its high time you addressed the homoerotic overtones of superheros.
Personally, my favorite superheros are Ace and Gary, and dang it, why do they get so much flack, hm?

somewhere joe said...

In the TV series, producers were concerned because Robin's leotard bulged a little more, um, exuberantly than did Batman's.

blog Portland said...

They serve the much hire purpose of martyr as well. When a serial starts dragging -- time for the sidekick to die! There were quite a few Robin's, and Jimmy Olsen has been a robot for decades.

Anonymous said...

they ride off into the sunset.

wait, that's the lone ranger and tonto.

Karyn said...

Robin is to Batman as Lewinsky was to Clinton; his protege, his sidekick, his fuck buddy.

Let's call it a day.

Hope you're well, Grunt.

Outdoorsy Girl said...

Well, SNL's Ambiguously Gay Duo didn't come without inspiration.

I wonder why it is that some superheros have their gay...oops I meant to say "trusting" sidekicks and some choose to work alone like Spiderman. Do they really think that they are too hetero for a sidekick? No man, superhero powers or not, that wears tights and a cape is too hetero for a "trusting" sidekick.

Sun Follower said...

So what does this imply about the Green Hornet and Kato?

Gentleman-hobbs said...

Your Gayty’s a bottle of fun,
You sticks me up your Arse,
I’m loved by everyone,
And always good for a laugh

Then while you splash in the tub
Your Gayty leaves things bright
Go on give it a rub
Magic away the shite.

Gayty… Clean fun clean rings and a clean bath!

Photogirl said...

Poor Robin. He even has one of those guy/girl names. He was doomed from the beginning.

Bugs said...

One sidekick grew up to be Ruler of The Internet World - Bill Gates.
He was forced out of the Superheros Justice League for taking the shine off Metrosexual Man in sticky situations requiring computer tech skills to disable the talking paperclip.
Metrosexual Man is now teamed with Shakem Sista,the pole-dancing lap dancer lipstick lesbian who thinks Metrosexual Man is the biggest wanker since Mr.Ed's owner.Shakem Sista is about to branch out as a Superhero with a sidekick called Pusskin(Catwoman turned down the offer).

Jules said...

O-Girl totally took my comment!! Way to go sista!! The Duo was the first thing that popped into my head when I saw this post, and I'm pretty sure the writers got their inspiration from somewhere!!