Sunday, December 03, 2006

I used to be a Pee-Chee Matisse

This isn't one of mine. Sadly, I've long since thrown my Pee-Chee masterpieces away. I can't even fathom what life would have been like, from ninth grade on, if I did not have my Pee-Chee folders to doodle on and deface. I need to look into whether they still make these things anymore, and they damn better be un-PC--just like they were in the '50s.

I remember making the relay runners chasing down some poor soul with torches, maces, and knives. The catcher was always taking a dump or saying something rude and distracting to the batter. The basket ball players either had rocket shoes, springs on their feet, or a pit of alligators ready to consume them when they came back down. The poor girl playing tennis seemed to be subjected to my misguided, and hormone-induced misogyny.

Of course, the football players were either space aliens, monsters, or some kind of gaytards. Yes, I am busting out gaytard. I am not proud of it, but that is what all us homophobic boys were saying at the time.

I think I want to look into buying a bunch of these folders again and taking up being a Pee-Chee artist again. I may not be Matisse, but I sure as hell ruled the Pee-Chee scene at my school. I wanna see what kind of demented stuff I can come up with now that I am older. Heh, I didn't say more mature, now did I.

I want to hear about all of your Pee-Chee stories. The wilder and more offensive, the better. Remember, Trapper Keepers were sooo junior high, so I don't even want to hear about that crap--not in my house!


goldennib said...

I've never seen these before, but they do look like a wonderful way to draw some non-PC art.

I'd like to see what you'd do now, too.

And "Tales of an Irresponsible Time Traveler" (in the sidebar, folks) is the one I'm reading, so make sure you add more. So far I'm intrigued; you've set up some interesting situations.

Logophile said...

Private school weenie here, no defacing allowed.
I will have to live vicariously through your pee chee art.

Logophile said...
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Clearlykels said...

so many things that I just never knew about.... :-)

cindra said...

Grunty, they do make them, in a bunch of colors. which i think is just wrong. but they aren't cool like when we had them. i still have one somewhere and i'll try to find it for you. didn't you draw all those little connected bubbles on yours too?

Scott said...

Are you sure you did not make thes things up?? I have never heard of such a thing.


NYD said...

Hey grunt,
I ain't never seen theese before , but if you dou find some let me know where. I'd love to get my hands on some.
The shit's just cracking me up

Jules said...

Well, thankfully I'm not the only one who didn't have a Pee-Chee. I've peed and said "Cheeeeee, that felt good!", but I've never had a Pee-Chee. I'd say it's maybe just a States thing, but I'm pretty sure some of your other community peeps are from the States.

I did doodle though. All the time. On everything. My favorite doodle pad, so to speak, was my demin pencil case. I had everything on there from poems, to boy's names I crushed on, to drawings of monkeys, to phone numbers, to more boy's names I crushed on. So, does that count?

Keshi said...



"K" Fingerett said...

Dear Mr. Grunt Man,

I dont think I've ever heard of Pee-Chee... I'm sorry...

I would doodle on anything my pens or markers could write on- paper, folders, desks, jeans, shoes, skin... were included....


I'm actually looking forward to seeing some of your Pee-Chee art. I mean, after seeing your "...Kid Rock & Pamela Anderson split..." drawing and all... ^_^

Can't wait!

And thanks for stopping by :)


Outdoorsy Girl said...

Never heard of Pee-Chee, but I certainly did some artwork on my Trapper Keeper...ooops! I forgot you don't want to hear about that jr. high crap! (Even if I did do a great job defacing the adorable puppies and kittens on the outside and wrote tons of dirty secrets on the inside!)

Sun Follower said...

LOVED my PeeChees!!! The initials of my current crushes and lots of "UCLA rules!" - - hmm, did I just date myself?

Egan said...

I miss the ever so handy multiplication tables inside. I never bothered figuring out 6 x 9 since I had a Pee-Chee. All of life's worries went away when carrying a Pee-Chee.

Jules said...

Wow, now I wish I had a Pee-Chee! If you find them again, Grunty, will you mail me one!?

The Grunt said...

Nessa~ You are first in line almost everyday and I love you for that. I can't get enough of you, either. Thanks for reading my other blogs, especially "TOAITT". I have figured out where to go with it, finally, and will be doing more soon.

Logo~ That's a bummer. Defacing things was where it was at in public school.

Kels~ This is part of the package that comes with being a key member of Team Wholesome.

Cindra~ Yes, I did draw those bubbles. I hope to find some original Pee-Chees soon.

Scott~ You are on to me, mate.

NYD~ Yeah, great adolescent minds think alike. I will follow up if I find a source for these folders.

Jules~ See, a Pee Chee offered you the space to doodle and write the names of your crushes and deface the cheesy, outdated, '50s artwork.

Keshi~ You "huh" now, but I will have you "ah-hah"'ing in a post or two down the road. I am gifted like that. I like having you around too. So, "huh" if you need to. Just hang out here anytime.

"K"~ Well, if you like doodling on anything, then a Pee-Chee would be your dream come true. Seriously, you are in college right now. You need a Pee-Chee.

O-Girl~ I am saving the Trapper Keeper stuff for another post, so hang tight.

Sun~ That is awesome. I drew all the runes from Led Zepplin IV, the star from Rush 2112, my variation of "Eddie" from Iron Maiden, and the Tony Hawk bird skull from his skate boards. Now I just dated myself, LOL!

Egan~ Yeah, they had all that handy information inside them, didn't they? My life, too, was elevated through the magic that is Pee-Chee.

Jules~ I might. What would your companion think of another man giving his woman a little "Pee-Chee"?