Wednesday, May 17, 2006

What to blog about, hmmmn?

How far would you go for your favorite food? How about a friend? The first one, probably 100 miles, if I just had to. I don't really know on the second one, anymore. It seems that my true homies and I are on the outs, with one exception--the guy who wouldn't shove me off a cliff. What I've got now are work buddies and neighbors, no blood brothers. I think it's natural for guys to slough off the pack, save maybe one or two. But, damn, if I don't miss running with them.

I guess that some of you blogmates are crossing over into a territory that can be defined as true "something or other". This was totally unexpected: Help me define this, please. I never had used the internet for social purposes before, and the blog was started because I like to write. I just wanted some feedback on it and stuff happened. I really don't know what to do with it at all. But, I'm grateful for it.

I thought that I had set myself up as a pretty stoic, impenetrable, and solitary sort--you know, to keep people from asking me about my life--but am finding that it doesn't suit me at all. There are still parts of my life that are off limits to the blog, and they will stay that way--as my personal treasure, to share as I please. If I have given you any amount of confidential information, then you have succeeded in reaching me farther than most of the 3-D meatbags around here. I don't open up much, because I've not trusted many people in my life. There are things that you just can't tell anyone. "...neither cast ye your pearls before swine...", Matthew 7:6.

I am not saying that if I don't give you the dish that you're a swine. I just can't deal with being totally open to everyone. If I do open up, it's embarrassing. I get the "opening up" shits. This is what happens when you've been holding it for too long. I just love poo analogies! So, there are a few of you who are getting a shit load from me right now;) I want to express how much I care for those that are willing to listen to a grown man talk about his drama. Really, we don't know each other in the flesh...well, I'm not getting all dirty on ya, but I haven't shaken any of your hands and so forth. I've heard two of your voices, though. That was a trip. There's some of you that I would like to talk to face to face with and see what you're really about.

I can tell you that if you really know me, that I am this way, really. But, you have to be tight with me, not faking.

Why? Because I still bump into people from old neighborhoods, scouts, and school who want me to do something outrageous or weird for their friends or spouses. Folks, this is just embarrassing for everybody. I don't want to be known forever as the crazy dude who burnt the scoutmaster saw blade protector, thinking it was part of a Hot Wheels track. Or, the guy who thought that human dung would explode just like cow dung, if set alight. Yes, I flung dung on a campfire once, and it stunk to high heaven afterwards. Or, the guy who fell asleep in chemistry, woke up, walked to the front of the class, and simply drew an arrow on the board and said, "Up". Mr. Thompson counseled me afterwards and asked me questions about drugs. And this one: Somehow people thought that I was dealing drugs out of a hearse in high school. I don't even want to know how that one got started. The list goes on and on.

Shit, I did my small share of sampling, but I ditched my dealing friends in my Sophomore year. Unfortunately, I did drive a 1968 Plymouth Fury III station wagon back then, so it's all making sense now. But it at least had a bitchin' 383 Commando Mopar motor in it. I hit 120 mph in that thing. All things considered, that's quite a feat, and that was on a dirt dike. I ended up ditching it in a patch of cattails, but got out unscathed. Sorry I put you through that stunt, Herc. The meat wagon got out alive, too. Switching to a 1969 Beetle made me more socially acceptable, but it was nowhere near the cosmic rush of the wagon, R.I.P.. Why did the chicks hate me for being unique? Yeah, and my friends had El Caminos, Mustangs, old hot rod pickups, and Novas--poor me, I never stood a chance. I think that the only girls who got me either wanted to trade scar stories, or shoot me with their invisible ray guns. I'm not kidding here. You can ask my friends about this. Oh wait, I only have one friend left, and he stopped coming here after the tenth post.

I like having you guys around. I just need to pay Cash enough money to invent a teleport machine so I can do world tours, because we all know how much of a bitch it is to fly nowadays. It's really late right now, and I'm getting all trippy. I wonder how this is all gonna turn out in the morning. This is my version of blogging drunk.

Should I even spell check?

I've never blogged naked. Have any of you?

What is the deal with apple juice being in every other juice? What gives it the right?

What causes me to do the "Dos Magic Streams" slash? If you know what I'm talking about, speak up.

Why can't I finish this sen....

Do you check your undercarriage for road kill? I'm talking wet wipes--they're magic!

Why didn't I just do a normal post? Oh yeah, 'cause I'm not normal.


goldennib said...

Very interesting.

I started blogging because I like to write, too. An added suprise benefit is that there are people in the world who read what I write and they don't say, "Eeww, what a freak." They understand ideas are ideas.

People we know in person are a little more tricky. They take things soooo personally, so you have to be more careful about letting odd things escape.

I often think this blogging thing will be like it was during the hayday of letter writing.

I don't know, I'm babbling.

kate said...

There is something akin to flashing in blogging... no matter whats under the coat people seem to want to stare and look again.

The internet thing is new to me as well. In Sept I developed my first real internet developed relationship. It was/is the reason for my last blog. I am trying to sort things out in my head.

I think that the internet is enough of a barrior that we allow our true selves to show without having to go through the reality of lifes awkwardnesses and protocall. I think it is dangerous because it is also fantasy and not reality. It is much easier to hide here and have relationships than to have to really do it. I have been hiding here since... idk since all the deaths in my family last year.

See there is a case in point... I just flashed you all this information that I would NEVER EVER have shared with ANYONE in my real life... just cuz you wrote me a kind comment! (OK and your post inspired me too! lol)

I have never blogged naked. There are no blinds in my kitchen! hehehe I have blogged drunk and that wasnt pretty! I would drive 30 miles for food and fly around the world for a friend. I have actually. I havent 'heard' any of my blogmates voices other than the 2 ik in real life. I would like to though but as a married woman it is a touchy subject... not fair but true. I did write on the can menand women be friends thing not long ago

omg I wrote an entire blog here soooo sorry!!


Scott said...

Thanks for the post. I love when people get random. You keep writing and I will keep reading.



markis said...

yah, what goldennib, kate and scott said.

and, today!, arsenal/barcelona, quict your job, go watch it, we'll be watch'n it in brotherhood, awwww... it's gonna be a crack'n match!

vera said...

i've been "on" the internet for long enough to know that friendships formed here can be as real as anywhere else, perhaps even moreso... i think people can connect spiritually, emotionally, intellectually and almost physically (voip), but they can hide behind the anonymity too... i've met some great people online over the years that have become very huge parts of my life now... and to all the ones that have slipped away into the oblivion, i carry them with me in some way or another... just like 3-D friends... i dont open up much about my personal life, its stuff i like to keep personal, but my 3-D friends can attest that even most parts of my life are kept inside myself; which frustrates the hell out of them lol... i value all friendships in whatever form they are, especially with interesting, intelligent, inspiring and real people... thanks for blogging, grunt. i truly enjoy reading it...

PS: yah, i think apples are rude that way too...

The Grunt said...

Goldennib~ If you're babbling, then I like it. Yes, in real life there is more risk of being hurt. Thanks.

Kate~ No need to worry about long comments here. I enjoy reading comments--it's a delight to hear from you too. The flashing concept of yours is interesting. Thanks.

Scott~ You always got my back, man. Thanks.

Markis~ What would Jesus do? He'd probably be watching footie, too. Thanks.

The Grunt said...

Vera, how'd you sneak that comment in there without me knowing?

vera said...

b/c im so damn special, that's how!!

Chris said...

Friends change. We change. We're more cave dwellers by nature. We feel guilty about falling away, letting our friends down. Be sure that they feel the same way.

Sometimes it takes an effort we're not quite up to. That's inertia. That can be overcome if you really want it bad enough, if the void is big enough.

Outdoorsy Girl said...

It is strange how we connect with these people that we have never even met. I also began blogging to indulge myself in writing. It somehow seemed cooler that I was publishing something that may actually be read by other people than just myself.

I never intended using my blog as a personal diary or a place to reveal any significant feelings. It was just a place to write about adventures/travel that I am lucky enough to experience.

Then people began to comment and I began reading their blogs and the blogs of those that posted on their blog and so on. I was amazed when I read something that I can relate to in my own life. It struck a realization with me that I already knew but it really sank in this time...We all have some sort of common bonds with one another whether it be thoughts, feelings, or interests and we all need people we can relate to.

Even though I have tried to be "anonymous" and secretive with my deep thoughts/feelings, I find myself opening up more than I ever realized I needed to with some of these blog buddies. Some of these buddies are actually beginning to KNOW the real me! Really strange.

I have only a couple of really tight 3-D friends and there is no limit to how far I would go to be with them. As for food...sadly enough, I'd almost set no limit for a favorite food as long as I have the money and means to get to it! :)

Blogging naked? Yeah sometimes. It's good to let your skin feel the fresh air from time to time. :) See what I mean? I can't believe I just said that to a blog buddy! ;)

Christielli said...

I once went more than 100 miles for a friend - I went to Australia. I think it was more for the vacation though.

Cool post and cool blog. The idea of knowing people through a forum like blogging is sometimes hard to get your head around, but I sure do like it.

Güggs said...

Interesting post man.

I know why you can't finish that sentence. You too have attention-deficit, hyperactive disor

I have never blogged naked though I have blogged half naked. but that goes for 90% of what I do on a daily basis. And by 90%, I mean, I really am bad at estimating.

I got started on this blogging gig b/c of the writing outlet (being a math/science kinda guy, it didn't lend itself much to the art of writing.) now my purpose for such are a plenty.

Logophile said...

I've gone 100 miles for a great meal and 6 hours one way for a friend.
I have a lil poem I like about that question of friendship in unlikely places.

You ask 'why I like him.'
Nay, I cannot; nay, I would not, say.
I think it vile to pigeonhole
The pros and cons of a kindred soul.
You wonder he should be my friend.
But then why should you comprehend.
Thank God for this -a new surprise- my eyes, remember, are not your eyes.
Cherish this one small mystery:
And marvel not that love can be
'In spite of all his many flaws.'
In spite?
Supposing I said
A truce, a truce to questioning:
'We two are friends' tells everything.
Yet if you must know, this why:
Because he is he and I am I.

Edward Lucas

I have online friendships that have enriched my soul and my life. I find blogging somewhat limiting in building relationships, but better for self expression when compared to chatting. Online relationships are somewhat different, but still very good.
I think those who believe online relationships are not of incredible intrinsic value under estimate the human ability to forge relationships.
Viva la internet!

English Professor said...

"I just can't deal with being totally open to everyone." Nothing wrong with that--people who want to do so show up on Jerry Springer, and we don't want that for you! All sane people make little subconscious decisions with every interaction about how much to reveal and how much to hold in reserve.

Logophile: nice poem.

"K" Fingerett said...

Most of you seem to have a nice little story or reason 'why you started blogging' ... I started after searching for something on google. I found a blog, read a post and wanted to comment- but in order to comment on that blog, I had to have a blogger name...

Turns out this blogging thing isn't half bad- I wouldn't dare call myself a great writer/blogger but its tons of fun and I found some pretty "interesting" blogs- like this one :P

I would continue, but things are starting to look blury...

Another great post Grunt ^_^


Chief Scientist said...

I started blogging because all the hottest women are literate and well-spoken and on Blogger.

Bwa ha ha.

No, I started blogging because in the beginning of 2002 it was new and different. And there was no one funny.

And Grunt, you left out the story about that time you tried to make it with that cow. I know that's why I want to party with you.

Logophile said...

Moderator makes an excellent point.

The Grunt said...

Chris~Yes, you do know about the caveman thing. It's true.

O-Girl~You just called me a blog buddy, cool.

Christielli~Welcome to my blog. Thanks for relating.

Guggs~It seems that you know my pain. Your a good writer, too.

Logo~Thanks, that was a great poem. You snuck a two-fer in there.

"K"~Am I keeping you up too late?

Cash~What goes on in the barn, stays in the barn, alright? Just don't tell Sgt. Hulka, at least. I'd party with you too, man.