Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Flash Fiction 55 Friday & TIGF!

For TIGF (That's Incredibly Gay Friday): This is my "ambushed man lovin" Christmas 1993. A young boy isn't supposed to be exposed to drunk and dirty older men. His wife knew that he gets real friendly when he's drunk ( I do believe he was drinking Stones lager) and had her camera handy. Alright, cigarettes--only if she's worth it. Alcohol--well, it's better if you're drunk, too. I didn't have any drink, and "he" was not a worthy "she". And, well, men taste different and lord I wish I did not know that, 'cause as you can see, he's really giving it to me. Stubble hurts, I don't know how you Shielas deal with that. That party hat just cracks my shit up every time I see this picture. This guy is cool, BTW. Just don't be around him when he's drunk.

I'm trying to make this work. It should be a TIGF video of Tommy Seebach's "Apache Boy" video. This one got around the internet a while ago, but I don't want it to ever die!

I bet I screwed it up.

Flash 55:

"Down in the Park"

(Disrespecting a Guatamalan over the price of a dimebag):

Jessie the Hand, young and able, but busted, reached deep into his boot for his elkhorn dagger. Jaw hung to the side, slack and bloodied, fucked up with no fix. The row of Guatamalans backed up Bennie Burro with a blockade of swollen machismo. They thought that Jessie would be an easy jump, a lead receptacle. They were wrong.

I don't count the words, but I'm close to 55.


Crystal said...

Stubble feels a lot better on your thighs than on your face, Jesus Boy.

Crystal said...

and what would GOD say about this picture? hmm? surely, you will burn in hell. i would take that off of here before he reads your blog and condemns you. plus, he is in a bad mood today. he tried once again to have the elevator eat me.

Ha. Ha. Ha. Very funny, God. Very. funny.

The Grunt said...

This is weird, because I thought that blogger had lost this post and the above post was done in frustration. Plus the fact that I was so GD tired that I forgot that today is Thursday and not Friday.

The two flash fictions are similar because they are the same story.

Crystal, you know you can't call me Jesus Boy outside of the bedroom. Elevators are evil--of course you already knew that.

Logophile said...

I thought Jesus Boy was OUR special bedroom name,

Crystal, that happened cuz of the sin in your life.
You should get your ass the fuck to church, dammit.

Anonymous said...


"Friendly" is an understatement. I'm sure that someone somewhere is looking at this picture and is right now thinking, "That's hot."

Wait. Did you just write "men taste different."?

Outdoorsy Girl said...

Yes, this IS incredibly gay! haha. But very, very funny.

You really are tired. Get some sleep...though it really would have been great if today had been Friday.

Will we get another TIGF post tomorrow?

Chris said...

Crystal, did the elevator have stubble?

Grunt- You need to burn that picture or your Senate career is toast.

vera said...

i think i see tongue

Crystal said...

no time for commenting. getting my ass the fuck to church.

chris - i wish.