Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Blogging After Two A.M.

What, do you think I'm some magical wizard that just craps out rainbows and good times? Heh, wouldn't that be cool?

No, I'm hitting the "Red" again. I swear I have a new dog and there's a saddle on him...wait, that's just a sofa with a blanket on it. Seriously folks, what is happening? I need some sleep, but the Spirit of Grunty must compel you somehow. And we all know that this stuff doesn't just fly up on here by itself.

A ramble:

Death is a funny subject. My dad and I conversed on this very topic today. See, I know when my dad is feeling good when he starts to talk about the day's death toll. If he's having a bad day, he's usually inflicting guilt. What is it with these people who go straight for the obituaries? So, today he was going on about this fifteen-year-old girl that drowned in a local creek. Since the spring run-off is at full blast, the creeks, rivers, and streams are torrential. This girl was trying to cross this creek on two ropes (the group was there to rock climb). Well, my dad was more obsessed with the fact that she wasn't in a harness, and "She didn't clip in to anything. Dammit, you've got to clip in the top rope on that set up!" Not, "This is sad. I wonder how her family is coping with this?"

See, my dad was a great mountaineer in his day. Great for an average Joe, not K2 great. He was on the Arizona search and rescue team, etc., etc. I vaguely remember his climbing days, since his health went pretty much tits up since I entered the "octagon". This doesn't stop him from telling anyone who is within earshot just how "great" he was. I like to put "words" in "quotes". And for a guy that served in Austria during the Korean War, well, let's just say he has more war stories than Patton. He was a Sergeant First Class in the Fourth Cavalry Regiment--tanks. The picture above was during his training in Ft. Jackson--he's on the far right. I guess that because of the Korean conflict and the tensions with the Soviets--Cold War--this wasn't as kick back as I make it sound. Still, I am an old man jabber receptacle. I guess I should be grateful that I get this story telling talent from him, albeit in a less global warming form.

I also get my humor from this guy, believe it or not. I remember some photos that I got from my parents when I was on walkabout, selling Hoovers, whatever. They were at Jackson Hole and standing in front of the Tetons. This one pull off had an information plaque--this one featured beavers. So, my mom is posing innocently, while my old man is pointing to the words "Beaver Habitat" and has a shit eating grin on his face. Now I've endeared you to this guy. If you met him, you'd probably think that I have exaggerated all the crazy shit I've said about him. No! Do you know what it's like to walk into your parents home and find a naked old guy walking around the place making weird noises? I fucking do! The thing is he's not insane!!! He has been getting better physically, and his depression has been kept in check with meds, and he's not senile. He still suffers from some anxiety, but he really doesn't have any demands where this is a problem anymore. So, my dad is just fucking with everyone and now I'm starting to learn that I admire him dearly for it.

It's almost three...


Scott said...

Late night there Grunt! Hope that you were able to get some sleep.

Very cool that your Dad was a mountaineer. I am always impressed by that stuff.


vera said...

"Would you like to take a sip of this kool-aid?"...

Mayden's Voyage said...

I read through your blog last night...(not all, but a lot) and when I found myself back here again this morning, well, I figured I had better say hello or something :)
I appreciate the fact that you don't "hold back" as far as blogging goes. I post something and then drive myself nuts waiting before I post again--it's crazy...I am worried about overloading my friends. But, it's not about them, is it? LOL
Your Meme was very funny...and the "whoop" story, and your b-day post was insightful...and I think I would actually know your dad if I ran into him, and the Marlboro Man--I may have met him, (but a lot of people in NC dress like that!) lol
Ok...you've got to be tired of me now! I enjoyed your blog :)

Gentleman-hobbs said...

Just figured out the links and linked to you. So hopefully I can send a few your way!

The Grunt said...

Scott~Yeah, I can vaguely remember him coming home once covered in blood from a rescue. It scared the crap out of me. He was able to teach me verbally how to repel and a few safety tips, but I need to go and get properly trained, so I can get into it.

Vera~ Kool Aide? Hell, how'd you know?

Mayden~Thanks for being a trooper and going through the whole thing. I told people that they'd get lucky if they did. Four leaf clover for you and welcome to my blog. Comment anytime and say anything you want.

G-Hobbs~ Thanks for hooking me up, man. We literary entrepreneurs needs to work together.

Crystal said...

you look a lot like your dad! what a hottie

"K" Fingerett said...

I'm not sure what to say here... but I did enjoy this post. Your dad is really something else. Although it would be nice to see my folks more often- I'd flip out if I ever saw one of them walking around like that O_o

I hope you got some sleep as well.


Outdoorsy Girl said...

I'm very impressed with your dad's mountaineering days. Did you inherit this skill along with his sense of humor?

Very cool post! And from one insomniac to another, I hope you got some sleep! :)

Chief Scientist said...

Hey, I was in the Army and the closest I got to combat was the Battle of Frick Park. Which is a park. In Pittsburgh. So don't take away my war stories either. Your dad can talk about Austria if he wants.

Of course, Reagan was Pres. when I got commissioned. I never felt so safe. No one screwed with Reagan - you'd get an F-111 love missile right up the keester.

Logophile said...

Go to bed at night, you freak.
And if you aren't gonna go to bed at least sign into yahoo and keep me company
I am actually doing tylenol PM this evening, we'll see how that goezzzzzzzzzzzzz...

goldennib said...

My husband reads the o-bits everyday. He finds them very entertaining and always let's me know when someone he has known, kicks it.

My mom is from Austria.

Your dad sounds fun and entertaining.