Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Okay, I need to be totally honest with ya'll...

I am wasted, spent, done! I hope you'll understand if I take a kip and not do the blog thing tonight. Crap! I am blogging. See what you all do to me? I was planning to do this grand post, but chatting online with ultra-pretty women has worn me out. See, this is what happens when Li'l Grunty gets all excited.

Instead of a grand post, I offer you this single question: Why are there no cows in space? You know, there should be!

Try this one out: If you want to amuse your office pals, hold onto your tongue and try singing the Rice a Roni jingle for them.

When I get bored at work, I fantasize. About what, you may ask? Well, I think that the foremost fantasy that I have involves invisibility, duct tape, lawn darts, and a rusty tuna fish can lid. It's the only method for curing a few problems with the world, as far as I can see.

Have a great day, all of yous!


Vera said...

There are Pigs In Space (tm)!!
I guess that's too much pastoral drama for the universe to handle at the moment.

Scott said...

Excellent post as always Grunt. Hope that you are getting some rest.

Not too sure about using the word "Spent" after chatting with pretty girls on the internet though. LOL What exactly does that mean?


Logophile said...

I was going to say something about
Pigs iiiiiin Spaaaaaaaace™

Vera and I are like minded

Crystal said...

i held my tongue out and sang ricearonithesanfranciscotreat and i had to shut my office door because of all the men that flocked into my office. it's sad really. you show a little tongue and they think you are in heat.

Mayden's Voyage said...

If cows were in space, where would they swim?

Fantasy...includes, but is not limited to, being able to fly, bubble gum, smooth pebbles from a cool stream, slippery socks that let me slide across high polished floors, and lots of good books.
THat was the goofiest thing I have ever be sure! But for some reason, it seems to fit right in --in this little world of yours! :)

The Grunt said...

You guys are great.

Vera & Logo~ This is just spooky. Are you sure that you didn't come to earth in the same craft?

Scott~ I was thinking of Napolean's brother Kip (but not "kip" as in the term I used for nap--G-Hobbs will get that one). "I've been chatting with chicks all day online Napolean." Glad you liked it and tonight I'm going to get some rest.

Crystal~I can picture that whole scenario. It makes me feel all giggley inside.

The Grunt said...

Mayden~You snuck in here without me noticing. I say, go with your goofy self. It's allowed in here.