Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Make Your Own Caption

I promise good times are ahead, folks. Grunty is falling off his own ass right now--I''m that tired. I would just like to thank you guys for reading my blog. Time is a precious commodity. So, why are you wasting your time here anyway? That's right, because I'm deranged and have no impulse control when it comes to posting what I write on the web. It's just like Casey Jones, only I haven't done coke to get this way. I hope you guys get a chuckle out of it, at least. God only knows what will ever come of any of this--I'm skint!

I've got some wicked ideas for some future posts. I am entering this next phase recharged. I think that it will be my best so far. So, will you Gruntheads follow me into this strange and wonderful place I'm preparing? I'm calling it Gruntonia!

Talk about lust for life, nothing beats the absolute vitality and wonder that a 10-year-old kid finds in the world around them. I was at a gas station today putting money into Crystal and Vera's pockets (as far as I'm concerned, that's just fine), and this kid was pushing the buttons on the soda fountain trying to sample each flavor with a straw. He would go from one end to the other, sticking the straw in the running streams of soda pop. It was funny to see him hit the diet drinks, because he'd cringe a bit. He'd linger on a few, after he settled on which one's he wanted, then he did a mix of those and got that for his drink. I think the gas station attendant was to engrossed in her boyfriend to notice all of this.

Well, I'm going to watch a movie "Squid and the Whale". I haven't watched much TV in a long time. This should be good. I hope to get back into fighting form. I know it's only been a few days since I did the heavy posts, but going three days without writing something good is an eternity for me. Just ask the poor people that get emails from me--I think that it takes up about half of their day just to read them. Troopers is what you are, real troopers. I guess if I weren't so good, you'd put me on your block list;)


vera said...

What?? I can put people on *BLOCK*???
What genius!
I'm never offended when someone has me on *BLOCK*, you I think out of 30 people on my MSN, only 5 of them can see me all the time.

PS: thanks for the loose change, yo!

Mayden's Voyage said...

I'll stick with the caption:

"Wool E. Bull and Dick Cheney talk about firearm saftey with the kiddos from the back country."

(Grunt, is that you in the Bull suit?) LOL! kidding! :)

(Wool E. Bull is the mascot for the ball team in my city)

Melliferous Pants said...

There is definitely something wrong with me, that picture made laugh so hard I almost started crying. (And I'm in a library. Thanks for the laughs.)

Crystal said...

ummmm....this pictures makes me incredibly uncomfortable. i think perhaps i was touched inappropriately by a bear at some point in my childhood.

thanks for stirring up my traumatic past.

much appreciated.

The Grunt said...

Just doing my job Pants.

Crystal~Am I going to have to work with you on this, hold your hand and such?

Vera~it was my pleasure.

Cora~It could be. You see, I suffer from blackouts;)