Sunday, June 10, 2007

400th post

I'd like to thank God, my family, and the neighbor's dog who tells me to do things, bad things.

I'll just have you know that I did not smoke any crack today. Boy, I feel good!

Shame on you for eating the last cookie. That was for your sick little brother. What's wrong with you?

I once got out a bowl to make toast (I posted about it awhile back). Today I got out a plate to have a cereal.

Really, that last Sopranos episode sucked donkey balls. What kind of ending was that anyway?

Have you ever seen someone whose eyes look like that of a Greek statue?

I'm waterproof. Well, to be technical, I am water resistant.

Right now at this moment in time I am not feeling sexy. Ooh, there just for a second I felt dangerously sexy. Aw, now it's just back to normal.

Favorite lyric at the moment, courtesy of the group Sparks, from album Hello Young Lovers, song "Chicks dig metaphors": "Chicks dig, dig, d-i-g, dig, dig metaphors. Use them wisely, use them well, and you will never know the hell of loneliness."

I had a Siamese twin once. He was imaginary, my shrink told me. Well, if he was imaginary then why did it hurt so bad to get rid of him?

Clocks are ticking and ticks are clocking. That was just fun to say, phbbbbbbt!

I dig sitting in my room with certain articles of comfortable clothing on, lights off, and strumming my guitar while just singing random words.

I wore socks today because the mood was in need of socks. Normally, you just wear socks because that is what the man tells you to do. Not me! I live from moment to moment, man.

Dust settles on the window seal, coating a dead fly in an ashy powder. I dare you to snort it.

Ray Gun Amber, thanks for asking me what I had for lunch back in high school. It seems to be one of the few good memories that I have of that time in my life. Remember when our algebra teacher drug me out of my desk and threw me against the lockers outside the classroom because he thought I was chewing tobacco in class? That moment always brings Pink Floyd to mind. I hated it all. You'd think that if I hated it so much I would have done just well enough to not have to go to night school. On the other hand, I did learn how to sling a butterfly knife and use nunchucks there. Night school rocks!

It is getting late and I must go to sleep. This 400th post is just another post. If I were writing my novel instead of this blog, I could be finished by now. I hope y'all are happy. Aw, c'mon, I love ya!


Scary Monster said...

A little glimpse inside the Cap'ns world be bringing a great big smile on me face. Happy 400th!

Me be free again! strange post coming.

vera said...

Happy 400th!
I can't believe you've written 400 posts. Furthermore, I can't believe I've read your 400 posts.
I also wish you Happy 403rd as well... I also think that is tremendously momentous.
My favourite lyric at the moment:
"One inch of love is one inch of shadow"
"It's worse than that he's dead Jim! Dead Jim! Dead Jim! It's worse than that he's dead Jim! Dead Jim, dead!"


vera said...

PS: I said that b/c "Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun" way playing at that moment... not b/c I think it is overly profound or is fitting for my life at this time... The other one is more fitting...
How pretentious.

goldennib said...

Happy BIG Four Oh Oh! We love you too.

Why do you need a plate to have a cereal?

Outdoorsy Girl said...

Eating cereal with chopsticks is a blast, too. I find it keeps the cereal from getting too soggy.

Happy 400th!

Jules said...

Spendiferous 400, sweet cheeks!

I've snorted worse things than dusty fly germs.

Keshi said...

Happy 400th mate!

And ty for the LOVE left in my sweet, MWAHHHH!

**Well, if he was imaginary then why did it hurt so bad to get rid of him?

U serious??


chikken said...

We're loving you too! And happy to pitch in for your refill on that medication...

MWAH. Really. Loves.

Scott said...

Congrats on post #400 that is getting pretty serious yo!

Christielli said...

Congrats on #400! That's aweseom!

I love the randomness of this post. I also like the part about clocks ticking and ticks clocking.

The Grunt said...

SM~ I live for you guys, so that means you, buddy. I'll keep giving you glimpses.

Vera~ You are a hardcore Grunthead! Of course, I already knew that. Those lyrics are guud.

Nessa~ I was still half asleep and I guess just grabbed whatever.

O-girl~ I will have to try chopsticks next time. I actually have a pair that I use to poke around in my guitar amplifiers so I don't get killed checking them out.

Jules~ Honey, this is not the place to talk about your cocaine habit;)

Keshi~ I like to give you love. you are the girl for me on the bottom hemisphere. I was just kidding about the Siamese Twin.

Chikken~ Send me your prescriptions!

Scott~ I know! You have been around for pretty much all of them too. Thanks for hanging out with me.

Christielli~ I really like messing around with word combinations. They don't have to make any sense, just be fun.

Sun Follower said...

If you print out all your blog posts and staple them together - voila! You got a book, my friend!

Keshi said...



The Grunt said...

Sun~ I've thought about doing a Grunt Ahoy book. I'm worried about how all the media I've used would be incorporated legally. I don't know much about that stuff unfortunately.

Keshi~ You are a sweetheart!

Chandra said...

400 and I missed it... so sorry!
I loved this."I dig sitting in my room with certain articles of comfortable clothing on, lights off, and strumming my guitar while just singing random words. "

Worth every penny