Thursday, June 07, 2007

TIGF (That's Incredibly Gay Friday): Pink Pearl Erasers

Ah yeah, there's nothing like a good rubber, as the English would say. Pink Pearl is the one that got me through my school days and I owe many thanks to my pink little friend--the eraser, ahahahahahahahaha! Seriously, I'm not that small.

My little pal "Pinky" helped me rub one off during one of the most colossal tests in high school: The ACT (SAT to you others). This is a transcript taken from the hidden surveillance system in the testing center, squarely focused on the biggest threat in the room for cheating: me!

Me: "Ah shucks! Why, I can't seem to figure out what 'An Eldorado is to an aardvark'. 'As a frankfurter is to a Catholic School Girl'? Maybe I should just put down 'B' again. Yep, there we go, filling in that 'B' circle baby. It's totally 'As a masochist is to a tether ball post.' Yep!"

My little friend Pinky: "Like OMG!!! That is so wrong, hon. Oh heavens, where do I even start? Here, use me to take care of that No. 2 atrocity. Oh lord, you are pressing way too hard. Lighter and with more flair in your wrist, sugar sack. Hahaha, I am so your bitch right now it's not even funny! OMG, look at the way that girl is looking at us right now--she's totally getting off on us. Ooooh, stop it! Ok, ok, I'm almost there. Oh my! Oh my! Ahhhhhhhhh!!! Ooooh, look at the mess I left on the paper. You are either going to have to blow it or wipe it off, tee hee!"

Ah yes, that is exactly what happened.


goldennib said...

Is that what's called a rubber fetish?

Outdoorsy Girl said...

I don't know who enjoyed it more...Pinky or you! ;)

I will say that I had a multitude of pink friends that helped me through long division.

vera said...

have i told you lately that i love you?

Jules said...

That was the single most entertaining glance into your head in a long time for me! Did you know that one of my nicknames is Pinky???? True story.

Scary Monster said...

That brings back some memories about fixin me mistakes just by rubbing the little pink pearl over the paper. Now that there be no lead in me pencil, me fixes me problems by just rubbing the pearl itself.

Sorry Cap'n, Me couldn't make this one gay.


Scary Monster said...

Oh, yeah. Come by a post a punch line.

The Grunt said...

Nessa~ LOL! Yeah, there ya go.

O-Girl~ What, no love for multiplication?

Vera~ Aw shux!

Pinky~ Now I know why you have a certain hue.

SM~ That was funny, man.

blog Portland said...

I'd want a Pink Pearl on my side any day of the week, especially if my only other choice was one of those retarded grey/pink half and half combos. The grey was supposedly for pen, but all it did was tear a hole in your shit.

The Grunt said...

JJ~ Yeah, those half and half erasers sucked ass. I'm going to have to drop by your blog and say hi. We all thought you went undercover or something.

Karyn said...

Do you know how long it's been since I thought about erasers?

I loved the pink pearl;and that's totally true about the grey / pink combo dealios. They sucked.

This post made me laugh my ass off.

Photogirl said...

LOL! I can't believe I missed "pink pearl eraser" TIGF!! I was at a wedding out of town. Does that count as a good excuse?

The Grunt said...

Karyn~ I try to hand out the yuks as best I can: powerful fresh, y'all.

Celeste~ You are forgiven, my pretty. I just felt like saying that. Please, don't leave.