Sunday, June 17, 2007

Phew x 2!

I smell rank. I haven't showered today and have just been laying around sleeping due to my health. I had a friend visit and he brought his wife. It was a bit embarrassing to be in my state to have company, but they understood. I have been real lonely lately. I just want it all to be over.

I need some cheering up, y'all. Amuse me with your comments. It's the least you could do for ol' Cap'n Grunty.


Mayden' s Voyage said...

Take a shower and change the sheets on your bed. Change your pillow cases 2x's a week until your over this really makes a difference.
Drink lots of fluid- eat more fruit. Take Tylenol or Ibuprofen like clock work (but not on an empty tummy!)

I'm thinking of you- and hope you feel better soon...

goldennib said...

We have a chimpmunck living in the pallet of stone we have for building the back patio. He rode all the way to our house from the stone store (ok fine, that's not what it's called, really) pulled through six towns by a hydralic lift-thingy. He may even have come from the quarries in Pennsylvania.

The side of our front porch was egged. I am trying to determine if it was a kid throwing a chicken egg or if a crow stole someone else's egg and dropped it.

My aunt is here from Austria. We picked her up yesterday from the Philadelphia airport. The security guard had orange hair glued into masses of large stiff ringlets.

Scott said...

Dude i really hope that you feel better soon. Sounds like you have the plague, but I can't be sure. Do your best to get out into the natural sunlight.

vera said...

I hereby petition Gruntonians to promote Captain Grunty to ADMIRAL Grunty!


on a lighter note... I'm 1/2 way through level 69 and will be level 70 VERY soon!!! (WoW)


ps: lucy in the sky with diamonds
pps: mondays aren't funny :-\

vera said...

Oh! And Mayden suggested:

Take Tylenol or Ibuprofen like clock work (but not on an empty tummy!)

If you take one of each --together-- you get a super incredible buzz!!


Pharmecuticals rulify... However if it grows in the ground it is just much more environmentally friendly... ;)


ps: I am NOT a pot-head!
pps: I just play one on T.V.

Outdoorsy Girl said...

Well, I would recommend playing with matches if you are bored...ummm...but maybe not for you. ;)

I'm feeling rundown today, too. But it's nothing compared to how you're feeling. It's just that I am free of dog sitting and now all I don't even feel like getting out there and celebrating my freedom.

I have taken a shower every day but yesterday I was wondering what was up with my flat oily-looking hair even though I just showered that morning. I even used the blow dryer for extra bounce. Then I realized I can't remember using shampoo. So when you do take your shower, don't forget to use soap and shampoo. It makes a difference.

You've at least brushed your teeth, right?

Why don't you light some candles, take a warm shower, and eat a giant burger with ice cream? That's what I am going to do.

The Grunt said...

You guys are awesome!

blog Portland said...

My son accidentally nailed me in the crotch with his new Transformers toy. On Father's Day. Perfect bullseye. I crumpled to the ground while he laughed in amusement. Picture it.

Sun Follower said...

Take a luke warm bath - put on some of your favorite music as you soak. Then pop in an inspiring DVD like... well, anything with Jimmy Stewart in it.

paul said...

well i'm not going to pretend to have something funnier than blog portland, but i tried
and showering or taking a bath seems a good idea, not smelling yourself helps

Photogirl said...

Surfing random funny videos on YouTube usually cheers me up! (and cracks me up)

Have a shower. I find that when I'm sick, even if I can barely stand, if I can at least shower and put on some clean clothes (or PJ's) I always feel a bit better :)

Karyn said...

Guy, I'm sure yer not as stinky as you think. And even if you are - your friends will be cool with it, as it sounds they were. If you smelled. Which I'm sure you didn't.


Crap ass day up north, but my column ran again today so that was good.

Want me to send it to you? Let me know. (Full of self deprecating goodness, don'tcha know. You might laugh.)

Christielli said...
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Christielli said...

Do you remember the episode of the Simpsons where Homer gets really sick because he keeps eating that rancid submarine sandwich?

Sorry, actually remembering that Simpsons moment make make you feel worse as opposed to feeling better.

I suck.

Trundling Grunt said...

Sell your animal magnetism to the Wright Labratory - you could make $7,500,000 quick money.

Jules said...

Did you at least indulge yourself in some tube sock crunchie sessions? C'mon... laying around in bed all day... how could I pass up the opportunity to ask?

I bet your stench isn't as bad as you think it is. Why, I bet you could even go for a good 3 or 4 days without showering if all you were doing was laying around! I'd still hug you!

.... as long as you brushed your teeth. GAWD. Tell me you brushed your teeth before sitting face to face with your company. Or at least gargled with some Scope?

Queue_t said...

Man- it sucks to be sick, I hate it. I am with Mayden and Vera on the pharms, take things to kick pain and feel better with the regular interval they call for, drink and eat a bit if you can, if not have some one bring you a box of carnation instant breakfast ( this helps me in the a.m. keep my pills below)
great advice on the sheets and pillow cases, learned this when I was a kid- everyother day until its over and run some bleach water in them when you do laundry to kill all the ick.
hope you are better soon. QT

denise d said...

Take a shower, Honey.
Change your sheets.
Have a Toddie, or whatever makes ya feel good
Rest, Relax, Get Better :-)

goldennib said...

Have you showered yet?

Scary Monster said...

Next time friends come to visit, have them buy you some Mr.Bubble a rubber ducky and a toy battleship. Then just hang out with them while taking a bath. You can reenact the Normandy invasion entertain guests and keep yourself tidy all at the same time.

Stay cool and STOMPY!

Kayla said...

How about a joke?

~Why did the magazine go to the psychiatrist?
~It had issues

Come visit me..had to move my blog

Feel better Stinky!

Sun Follower said...

If you want a laugh... see the YouTube on my blog.

Pokey said...

I am sure that by now you are feeling better...I am a little slow here lately. Work has been super busy so I haven't had much time to check out your blog. But I really do hope you are feeling better!

The Grunt said...

Cora~ I did what you said and it really helped.

Nessa~ That orange hair, lol!

Scott~ Yeah, not becoming Dracula is a good idea.

Vera~ I am not a deviant art critic with a smack problem. I just play one on TV.

O-Girl~ I did brush my teeth--with matches.

Grunt~ What kind of reply is that, "You guys are awesome"? You can do better than that, mate.

JJ~ I guess that's your son's way of saying he doesn't want any more little brothers or sisters.

Sun~ I thought I had "It's a Wonderful Life" on VHS, but no. I will have to look around for others he was in.

Paul~ You rock! You went and did something nice for me. I won't forget it. I am adding you to my sidebar. First, I have to tame the jungle that it has become from neglect.

Celeste~ You are right about You Tube. I am a You Tube addict. I did shower and get my act together and it helped. Is it creepy that I imagined that Ernie was in there with me? LOL! I'll do anything to get here to back on here. I hope that comment draws her out.

Karyn~ Congrats, and I'm actually reading your article. Super cool!

Christielli~ I love that Homer moment. It cheered me up thinking about it, actually.

TG~ You are on to something, my friend. Where is this lab that I might send my essence to?

Jules~ I brush my teeth. I don't own any crunchy tube socks anymore. I am sophisticated. Don't laugh at me.

QT~ Thanks. It really is a bummer to be sick. Now I want Carnation Instant Breakfast. Do they have it in bacon and eggs flavor?

Denise~ Thanks D! I am partial to Mountain Dew or Blue Demon, as far as toddies go.

Nessa~ I did and I even got between my ears!

SM~ That's a brilliant idea, mate. I'm thinking that even reenacting the Falklands would even be fun, less blood and less purpose. Either way, I am naked and covered in suds thinking of pretty girls.

Kayla~ I'm happy to see you back on here. Stinky? Okay, I'll let that one slide because you made me laugh.

Sun~ I'm going over there as soon as I'm done here. Joy!

Pokey~ I was wondering where you had run off to. I am doing better, actually.