Saturday, June 30, 2007

Deja vu is depressing (my computer crashed again)

It was almost the same time last year that I went through this. Yes, my computer go boom again and I am once more forced to break into homes to steal computer time while the owners are away. This is sad because I can't IM or check email when I want, unless I rack up the bytes on my cell phone.

You know what else happened to me about the same time last year? Getting really sick, that's what. Last Summer I had viral meningitis and this time I am fighting off a nasty bacterial infection in my respiratory system, plus I am going in on Tuesday for a CAT scan to see about a lump in my neck. Wheeeeeeeeee!

I have been ill for almost a month now and I am starting to get really frustrated with it. I tried to show my support for my friend today at a car show that he has a couple of entries in, one of them being a superbad "under construction" entry: the 1972 Chevy Suburban that my brother sold him. It is on bags, 22's, and nitrous, with much more down the pike coming. I get there and give a once over glance of the cars and start to shake and spin. I had to go home almost the minute I arrived. I did, however, get to place my vote for his entries.

I am thinking that if this Summer follows the same pattern as the last, expect me to get into an auto accident in August and family suffering from there until November. I also wrote and recorded a ton of songs last Summer, some of which didn't suck. Maybe that will happen this Summer too.

So, here I am, sick and trying not to be caught by the fuzz, typing out this post for my pretties. You'll post bail for me, right?


blog Portland said...

I think the whole of this post would make for the basis of a great song.

Scary Monster said...

You give new meaning to 'Summertime Blues'. Maybe you ought to move somewhere that be perpetually in winter. Somewhere like... Hoth.

Cheer up, buddy things will get better and if not then...STOMP.

goldennib said...

I'm all for the creative song writing, but I hope the other stuff doesn't follow.

Keshi said...

how cud u be blu in Summa? :)


Jules said...

I'm relieved to hear that they could get you in so fast for your CAT scan... although that leaves me more worried too. I love you, sweetie... feel better soon, okay? And don't worry about us here. We'll stick around whenever you feel like writing something. no pressures, no worries. Your pretties are a pretty faithful bunch!

Christielli said...

Goodness gracious... I'm sure that you can't have a complete rerun of last summer... I hope.

Too bad you didn't have a toaster-time machine, where you could go back and smoosh a bug. That would fix a lot I'm sure. It might even rain donuts.

Outdoorsy Girl said...

I wish I could have a rerun of last summer for me. But for you? Hopefully not and I doubt that your whole summer will turn out just like last summer.

Just do very little driving in August just to make sure, Okay?

Chandra said...

At least you write awesome songs!!!

I think I know what you mean about the sick thing... like how does one get a cold in summer.... for almost 2 weeks. Finally I am feeling sub human again and actually have some kind of energy.

Menengitis.... really? They don't have vaccinations free there?

The Grunt said...

Thanks guys! I need all your support.

Anonymous said...

I sent you a note...I really hope the scan shows nothing serious- but you're in my prayers either way~

Sun Follower said...

I'm not kidding, I'll turn this car around!