Thursday, June 21, 2007

TIGF!!! (That's Incredibly Gay Friday): The "Choose Life" T-Shirt

I think George Michael was straight before putting on this now infamous t-shirt. That's right, his whole life was changed from that moment forward. One moment he is dreaming of starting a family with little Susan Johnson back in home town to holding leap frog contests in rest stop bathrooms.

Moral of the story: Beware the power of the TIGF "Choose Life" t-shirt.


blog Portland said...

We've lost many a good heteros to the curse of this shirt. It's rumored that Elton John was on his to way to have a six-way with a bunch of groupies, when some punk ass in a CL shirt accidentally brushed up against him. So sad.

Outdoorsy Girl said...

I always knew that was what happened! Those damn tee shirts are dangerous to the available straight men population and thus problematic for me!

Jules said...

what happens if you own the t-shirt but never put it on and it just sits in your closet glaring at you. does it turn you Bi?

Photogirl said...

Is that some kind of anti abortion statement? I have no idea what these shirts mean! This must have been before my time...

goldennib said...

Um, a t-shirt, no matter which t-shirt, had any marked change on Boy George.

Chandra said...

Ok so the other day I was at old navy (yes shun me later) and picked up a shirt that said "come ride me" with the picture of mustang. I was informed that this was a "men's shirt"... seriously what does it matter, I highly doubt that I can't be ridden as well as a man.

p.s frankie says relax

Mayden' s Voyage said...

Grunt! You picked the song that GM wrote for me...listen when he sings the chorus..
"Wake me up before you go go...wake me up before you go "CORA"...take me dancing tonight." Listen, you will hear it!

I broke his heart and he turned to the other side~

I was a fool!!!!

Loved George- dearly when I was a teen. When I heard this song the first time I cried! I just couldn't believe he was singing to me-

sigh... I miss him
LOL! Glad you are feeling better- it's a wonder your ears weren't BURNING on Wed night! Grunt this, and Grunt that...Geddy Lee was wonderful!

Scary Monster said...

George Michael is gay!?
That settles it. Me gonna stop goin to public bathrooms.

Me ex-wife used to have one of them shirts. Another mystery solved!!!


Christielli said...

I never got the "Choose Life" shirt. It's kind of "duh" to me. Of course I'm going to choose life over the other option - death.

The Grunt said...

I love you all. Do you love me?

Sun Follower said...

That depends... what do YOU choose?

P.S. I miss WHAM!