Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Dream Girl

There is this girl that I talk to quite often. It is only when I dream that I get to spend time with her. The things that we talk about, the way she looks and behaves, it's familiar...she's my soul mate. The problem is that when I wake up I have no recollection of what she looks like. I can remember how great it was sitting there and talking to her. That feeling of pure love and security, it's achingly wonderful. What is all this about? I wish I knew. I hope that if this dream girl actually represents a real person in this world that I get to actually be with her. I'd really be sad if I messed it up somehow.

I go through phases of believing in dreams. Mostly, I don't read a whole lot into them. This one, however, stays with me and is a continuing dream. I don't think they are repeats. I believe we talk about a lot of different stuff. I had a date with her last night and I woke up today a bit broken hearted that it all had to end. I want this in real life, but I'm starting to believe that this sort of thing only exists in the subconscious realm. *Sigh*


denise d said...

Keep faith, hon... that's all we can do.

goldennib said...

Have patience. For some people it takes longer to find that special someone.

Crystal said...

awwww, that is so sweet.

you'll find her. you're too good not to.

Sun Follower said...

Dreams come true... you just have to believe.

Jules said...

those people we get to spend time with in our alternate realities are often sublime, aren't they? what does she look like? when you spend time with her, is it in a pancake house until 2 in the morning?

Karyn said...

Sweet Grunt... been there. Done that. Still do sometimes. And insofar as I am ANY the wiser for my advanced years and miserable experiences, the only thing I can tell you for sure, the thing I know to be true is this:

All things in their time.

Bloody little consolation when you wake up starkly alone and acutely feeling that void... but it's the damn truth.

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

(Wait. Does she have red hair? ;0) )

Keshi said...

Dreamgirl...wow it's just like how I have my Dreamguy...hehe. It just takes longer for some of us to find em.

Fingers n toes crossed for ya Grunty!


The Grunt said...

Denise~ Wow! It's an honor to have you drop by. Thanks for your encouraging words.

Nessa~ Yeah, I suppose.

Crystal~ Are you kidding me? I mean Hitler even had a life long fraulein in Eva Braun. Hell, even his dogs thought he was a great guy and thought his ass smelled like pork chops. I don't think good has anything to do with it, but I am willing to go along with your kind words because I know that you mean them sincerely.

Sun~ Well, let's hope my tornado dreams don't come true, lol! Thanks.

Jules~ I can remember that she has long hair. I am not going to go into details that I can remember. I can't remember the face well enough. It's like the sun is radiating from her. Maybe it is my female deity/mother. I have no idea. These dreams are not erotic ones. I just feel pure love.

Karyn~ She may have red hair. I can only tell you that it's long and sun beams just seem to come right out of her. Virgin Mary, perhaps?

Keshi~ I'm glad you are throwing in the toe crossing. I need all the help I can get.

Queue_t said...

Grunt- there is a brendan fraizer movie about this very thing, I think the title was still breathing. any way his character dreams of his soul mate and he finds her - maybe you should check it out. -

wishing you feel better soon too. QT

denise d said...

Ha - ya lil smartazz :-P