Monday, June 30, 2008

I made it back!!!

Visiting my sister's family was cool. I don't get to spend much time with her, my brother in law, or their kids and this time I did. They are a well behaved, but fun, crowd. The air was clear enough to see the backside of the Tetons and even the Sawtooth area. Usually all I see in that area are wheat and potato fields. Wow!

I really just hung out with the family, though I did have some excitement. I was at a diner and while eating I got this pain in my leg like I was stabbed with a hot knife. The pain got worse, so I went into the bathroom to check it out. On my upper thigh was a bite mark that was swollen and bleeding. I never did find out what it was, but I had pain trouble with that leg all yesterday. It was funny because I'm sitting there with my family and I let out a loud "Son of a bitch" like I had Tourett's.

We went through Palisades/Snake river area and down through Star Valley, Wyoming, where I still have a lot of relatives. Well, they'd know my mom. They'd just think I was city folk and get out their shotguns to chase me off their property.

I bought two, ten dollar lotto tickets, one scratch ticket and one Powerball. I figure it will be about as much fun as dinner and a movie, because I usually feel like I've wasted twenty bucks afterwards on that as well. I haven't done the scratch ticket yet.

I was supposed to be in Yellowstone right now, but my brother got some job interviews and had to cancel. I think what I am going to do is go hike up in my own hills and live off of the land for a few days because Les Stroud is my hero,aka, Survivorman. Bear Grylls is just a candy-assed Brit poser compared to this guy.

I'll be around, but doing day trips. You go out and have fun yourselves, k?


Outdoorsy Girl said...

I think it is cool when you can see the backside of the Tetons while driving up I-15 in Idaho. Glad you had fun with your family.

Did a ghost bite you on the leg?

And I agree...Bear is a puss!

Julie Schuler said...

Scratch it! Scratch it! What are you waiting for?!

Did you see the movie trailer I posted? You can't tell me that would be a waste of money. For the first time ever, I'm thinking of rentin' myself up a babysitter and checking out a flicker show.

Is there a website that chronicles vermin bites? Maybe you can find out what's gnawed at you? If there isn't a site like that, then their should be.

The Grunt said...

O-Girl~ If it was a ghost it was a damn hungry one.

Julie~ I finally saw it and will be living my life for that movie until it comes here. I scratched the ticket and won 15 bucks, so, it was really 5 bucks that I gained. If there is a website that chronicles vermin bites I want in!

Melliferous Pants said...

Eh, is your leg OK?

Logophile said...

I have to take you to dinner at my mom's house :p
Glad you had fun seeing some Tetons, heh heh heh

megatropolis said...

I have a theory about your leg bite. I'm thinking that it was a bite from the The H.G... a punishment (aka "reminder") for buy ing the loto tickets. If you're dead set on going to hell, I can think of some better ways :)

What's this day trips crap!?! You know what sounds like TONS of fun? You could come to my house and help me clean and watch the kids, and then tickle my back until I fall asleep. Can everybody say AWESOME!

Christielli said...

what kind of creatures are out there that could bite that badly??

Jules said...

Welcome home, Grunty... and erm.. have a good time on your day trips! So.. I guess if the leg hasn't turned purple and fallen off, the bite isn't anything to be worried about!?

The Grunt said...

Pants~ The leg was still a bit raised and red in that spot, but it is doing much better. Thanks for asking.

Logo~ They were sure big Tetons at that! I'd love to have dinner at yo mama's. What's her specialty?

Meggypoo~ I'll just respond to your comment by using a quote from one of my favorite movies, Big, "Okay, but I get to be on top!"

Christielli~ In that neck of the woods, I'm thinking spiders or a tick, but I didn't see anything burrowed in there.

Jules~ I can still walk and do a high kick. I think I'm okay:)

Sun Follower said...

I speculate... it was a small snake, tarantula, scorpion, or a disgruntled little person.

Glad you had a good time!

The Grunt said...

I'm thinking it was a disgruntled little person wielding a snake.