Thursday, June 12, 2008

This one is for NYD


NYD said...

Thanks man!
I'm laughing. I don't know why, but I'm laughin.

Gettin Grunty.

The Grunt said...

Hey, I laugh at it every time I look at it. I guess you and I are the only ones that think its funny.

Grunty indeed!

NYD said...

This is NOT good for my self esteem. LOL

Logophile said...

ok, you two are silly.
and I GET SASQUATCH, dammit.
Don't come between me and my yeti!

The Grunt said...

NYD~ This is just one of the cons of being grunty I'm afraid. They won't always get it.

Logo~ Fine, if you want large, hairy feet, you can have them! I just wanted Bigfoot as my spirit animal because of his mad accounting skillz and incredible abilities to count cards.

Keshi said...



megatropolis said...

Alrighty then.

Tys on Ice said...

:)...thats hilarious...bruce looks totally spooked

The Grunt said...

Keshi~ Glad I could make you laugh.

Meggypoo~ Did it take your mind off of the blinding pain in your arm? If just a little, then I feel warm inside.

Tys~ Ha! The last face is where, in the movie Enter the Dragon Bruce breaks the neck of his opponent. It is even more hilarious because here it looks like he's scared shitless!