Sunday, June 08, 2008

Blessed are the cheese makers

Despite adjusting to medications and lack of sleep, this boy is keeping the show on the road! The title? Yeah, I just got done watching The Life Of Brian on DVD.

How were your weekends? I had some good times as well as weird times. I would alternate between wanting to go into a sleep coma in the middle of the day then just to have my heart start racing. However, I did get out and see Don't Mess With The Zohan (stupid). I had a good time at a friend's house on Saturday night, just kicking back and playing with his Children of the Damned looking daughters (all four of them). Actually, their glowing eyes and white/blond hair is pretty cute. I bought a used KISS CD, Dressed to Kill. I was in the mood for something stoopid and big sounding, all covered in blood, makeup, and hair. I got it, mister!

Today I went on a hike for a couple of hours in one of the canyons near where I live. It was great to stick my hands out to the sides and feel the grass and leaves as I walked up the trail. I needed to cap that off with some time at the bench, fixing some of the guitar amps that I've promised to people--of which I'm getting paid, finally! My room looks like a tornado-damaged Radio Shack right now. I kind of like it. Let's just hope that I don't step on a probe in the middle of the night, making a pee-pee dash.

There were a couple of things that really shocked me today: My sister showed up and looked very different. Read that sentence a few times over if you didn't get it the first time. She kept asking why I couldn't look at her. Well, duh! It would be worse if she were my younger sister, but I am the baby. She does look great and they needed to be done since she has made such a dramatic change in her physical shape. I am happy for her. It still is weird for me to look her now. I'll get used to it.

One thing that has been really great about my current trials are that they have given me an opportunity to get to know some of my fellow Gruntonians better. I really do feel lucky to have all of you on my side.

Alright, I hope your Mondays go well. I get to go to the hospital tomorrow to visit my radiation oncologist and then finish up half of a shift at work. I'm not expecting anything revelatory tomorrow. It should, though, give weight to sway one direction or another.


Sun Follower said...

Well, I had something to do with the "Life of Brian" on DVD... and it wasn't easy!

My fingers have been crossed so long for you I am not sure I will be able to uncross them again... which will be worth it when I know it's all good.


Sun Follower said...
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Diane Mandy said...

Still thinking about you and keeping you in m thoughts and prayers. You'll get through this!

NYD said...

Hope things go well for you tomorrow.

I knew you had a brother, but I never knew you had a sis...

I can't figger it out no matter how mjany times I read that over.

Anonymous said...

Nothing says good times like little (huge?) changes in a family member that forces you to look down at your feet :).

Isn't wanting to fall into a sleep coma in the middle of the day normal? Well, despite that and some heart racing, it sounds like it was an improvement from last weekend.

Have tons of fun at the hospital :)

Autumn Storm said...

Wow, you got so much done over the weekend that I'm feeling decidedly guilty about wasting my 4-day one. Well, it wasn't exactly wasted, but you have me beat on the length of your list. Best of luck tomorrow.

Outdoorsy Girl said...

I love "Dressed to Kill".

I would love to go on one of those canyon hikes. I went for a walk/jog here by the river yesterday and almost melted in the near 100 degree, high humidity heat!

Good for your sis! I know how great it feels when you make big changes. Maybe she's just trying to stay as cute as the baby of the family. ;)

Hope the hospital visit goes well tomorrow.

Christielli said...

I will keep my fingers crossed for you tomorrow, chances of anything revelatory or not.

I'm so shocked that Don't Mess with the Zohan was stupid. I thought I heard Oscar buzz around it.

Keshi said...

All the best tmrow Grunty!


The Grunt said...

Sun~ What did you do on it? Thanks for the finger crossing.

Comment Deleted~ Totally, I can understand. You should get checked for an STD.

Diane~ I feel that I can. It's going to be a bit longer than I thought, but I'll get through.

NYD~ Ok, Darth Vader, it was a boob job. But it was a reduction and reconstruction.

Meggypoo~ It was a major improvement over last weekend. I love mid afternoon sleep comas, but not while I'm trying to drive I-15. Did I ever thank you for bugging me? As for the twins, read my comment to NYD above.

Autumn~ I can waste time like it's nobody's business.

O-Girl~ I'm proud of my sisters (all 3). This one is the middle sister. She has taken charge of her life and reaping the rewards. She is my role model.

Christielli~ Yeah, I was totally surprised myself. I was expecting a Dame Judy Dench cameo!

Keshi~ Well, tomorrow was today, and thanks! I still need good luck any day of the week.

Karyn said...

O how i love life of brian. Too many jokes. Too many references.

blessed are the cheesemakers?'s not meant to be taken literally, it refers to all manufacturers of dairy products.

love. this.