Thursday, June 26, 2008

TIGF has been cancelled today. Check this out instead.

I have been helping out this kid with his guitar craft. Mostly, teaching him about equipment, setup, amps, how stuff works, what is whack, what is cool and so forth. His band got to to play a gig at an elementary school's field day. It is a year round school and this was the second to last day for this block. What better way to treat these young darlings than with a rock concert!

This phone video sucks, though. You can't really hear what is going on and you can't really see the band, but they are there. They didn't have a PA for the singer, so I lent them my biggest guitar amp. It really didn't work and I new it wouldn't like having a microphone plugged into it--screeeeeeee! It worked in a pinch, but they really need to invest in a good PA. The kid did good, real good, and his brother, the drummer, did a pretty cool, yet slightly cliched drum solo, complete with hitting a cymbal so hard that it shattered. The bass player looked like a underfed hobbit, but he laid that bass line down pretty solid. The singer was this 15-year-old red-headed girl that hung with the boys damn well. She needed to project more, though. They are all just starting out, so you have to take that into consideration. They are on the right track, at least.

I got a big kick at the school kids freaking out and screaming. They really got into it. The band signed autographs afterwards. I was enlisted as security/guitar tech/roadie. That was pretty damned funny to say the least. I did have my black T-shirt, sunglasses, and steel-toed boots on. I don't think getting rough would be cool, but looking badass was required. I did my part well. I did at least teach innocent little kids the proper way to salute Satan at a rock concert. I'd like to think that I made a difference.


Julie Schuler said...

Community service! How patriotic.

NYD said...

Good to see you doin your part for society.

Cool, Grunt. Very cool indeed.

Just stay away from the groupies. Take a page out of Roman Polanski's book.

The Grunt said...

Julie~ I'm a patriot, sho'nuff!

NYD~ It was cool. I need to become the band's asshole manager, or something.

Jules said...

WOW!!! Ahh, Grunty, that's all so GREAT!!! YAY for you and YAY for them!!!

Tys on Ice said...

rock school...nice.

it sounded okay to me..but those three 4 year old rock hooligans brandishing some sticks got me worried for you...

The Grunt said...

Jules~ Yay for my team!!!

Tys~ Yeah, this is like their third gig, so I am basing my assessment on that. They need to get better in a hurry because they've got an outdoor gig at Kilby Court in Salt Lake City in a month.