Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It's coming!!!

Are you ready for it??? What gives you a patriotic stiffy? I don't know about you all, but I am turned on by F-16 fly overs.

In other news, Ideeho you da pimp. I am going up to Idaho this weekend to visit the baby of the family, my sister that is five years older than me, and her family. Why is she the baby of the family and not the youngest, me? Because my dad said so. He rarely hides his bias towards her. I think that I am going to do some investing while I'm up there, in lottery tickets. I was going to head up to Yellowstone after, but those plans fell through. If it weren't for having family in Idaho, the only reason I'd ever go there would be to get to another sate. Well, Ketchum is cool at least.

That's all I have right now.


Crystal said...


does that weiner have a weiner?

did i spell weiner right?

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the 4th (and 24th) of July in Utah. The favorite holiday of the pyros of the State.

Enjoy Idaho (yeah, I just laughed as I typed that). And pick up a few lottery tickets for me.

Pants said...

I haven't been to Idaho yet. Too bad about your plans to Yellowstone falling through. Looks gorgeous, some day I'll get there!

Keshi said...

Idaho? WOW!


Keshi said...

btw i hv an inspiring story over at my blog. do check it out when u can :)


The Grunt said...

Crystal~ The correct spelling of wiener is schlong.

Meggypoo~ Do you have any lucky numbers?

Pants~ Yellowstone is the shit. I haven't been for 18 years. I've been to Jackson Hole a few times since, but not Yellowstone. The best part is swimming in the fire hole river, if they still allow that. Oh yeah, and flipping off the buffalo. That's fun as well.

Keshi~ Wowee-wow-wow! I will check out your story.

Anonymous said...

6 is my favorite number. But then again, a ticket with only 6's might be seen as slightly evil. I'm not ready to become rich completely at the hands of Satan.

Scott said...

Have fun rocking Idaho!

Keshi said...

ty for comin over HUGS!


The Grunt said...

Meggypoo~ I need money like a fish needs water. Actually, my bills are paid and I have saved some money. It surprises me, but it is true. I still want lotto level money. I would buy a solid gold monkey.

Scott~ There are some really cool parts of Idaho. Rigby isn't one of them. But my family is cool and it will be good for my nieces and nephew to see their uncle feeling better.

Keshi~ De nada.

Jules said...

Awesome!!! Have a great time!!!

Can't wait to be patriotic myself on Tuesday!! Love the pic, btw!!!