Sunday, June 22, 2008

Monday Report

I went rappelling on Saturday. It was fun and I'm getting much better at it. I think gravity helps. It was a real fast rope, light and thin, better suited for climbing. This rope being flexible and not static made this a real dynamic ride. You spend your early life trying to stand upright. You accomplish that and then that is what feels natural. To have to trust the equipment in rappelling, especially when you take that first step over the edge, takes some real faith. You fall back into a position that goes against the natural, upright position that you've been used to your whole life. Then you find that everything balances out and the rush kicks in. The seventy feet seem too much until you get near the bottom. I wish I could've kept going another hundred. Solution: get back up there and do it again.

I sent some voice mail with some sound samples to my friend who I'm doing some work on a guitar amplifier for. He kept calling me today and thanking me. He said I sounded like Billy Gibbons through that amp now. I don't know that I want to give it back. He can keep his money.

Sunday (today), I took care of Sunday business and thought that I'd like to revisit some childhood stomping grounds up in the hills. I went for the most bushwackingest hike ever. It was awesome. It involved much trespassing of private property, sunburn, and perspiration. I saw a few rattlers and plenty of other critters. I got up one canyon further than I did as a kid and found a rather cool waterfall. While I'm not in as good of shape when I was younger, I can take a lot more discomfort now. Getting up those steep canyon sides was less of a cuss than I remember, even though I know I will be paying for it tomorrow at work.

I thought I'd be able to get in touch with a few friends tonight, but then I remember that most people are already asleep by now and work early in the morning. Someday I will have a work schedule that won't be so late. It seems to keep me out of step with what is going on, TV shows and the like. I don't get much of a social life during the week because of it. There are some benefits of it though. I get paid. I'll get back to you on the others when I can think of them.

I was in the mood for blood this weekend, so I watched the new Rambo and Death Wish II. I've got to say that Rambo raised the bar on movie violence. Bravo! Sylvester Stallone looks like a roided out professional wrestler more than a sleek killing machine in this picture. As far as for Death Wish, Charles Bronson cracks me up. The mustache just kills me and those supposed thugs are hilarious! You should check out Jeff Goldblum as a hood in the first Death Wish. I about peed my pants the last time I saw that one. Anyways, the last baddie to get his comeuppance in II throws a punch at Chuck and misses, punching a hole into a shock therapy machine. Chuck then hits the switch and awesome death ensues!

How were your weekends?


NYD said...

And here I was thinking that I was the only one to notice Jeff Goldblum as a teen age thug rapist with a can of red spray paint in his hand.

Good to see that the Grunt is still the Cap'n.

I got stuff to take care of. Talk again later.

Christielli said...

What's rappelling? I need a picture!

My weekend was meh overall with some moments of fabulousity thrown in. Thanks for asking. ;)

Also, I'm not one for blood, unless there is singing, gothiness and Johnny Depp as well. Have you seen Sweeny Todd?

Scott said...

That sounds like a great weekend. i am jealous of the great hiking that you get to do so close to home.

Anonymous said...

Rappelling, waterfalls, and Stallone. It sounds like one hell of a weekend! I need to catch up on some good shoot 'em up & break their faces movies. At least now I have a goal for next weekend.

Social lives are SOOOO over-rated, and getting paid to work is something I'm becoming less and less familiar with. So kudos sir! :)

My weekend had it's good points. It was interesting to say the least, although not too interesting.

The Grunt said...

NYD~ Jeff's hat was right out of an Archie comic book, lol!

Christielli~ Rappelling is what you do to descend down a rock face, using a rope and a few other contraptions. I did see Sweeny Todd and loved every note and blood splatter.

Scott~ I live in northern Utah and the hikes are good. But, southern Utah is where the danger and excitement are at. I think a guy like you would probably quit his job and move down there once he got a taste of those red rock canyons. I need to get my body back in shape and hit some more slots.

Meggypoo~ The fact that I am single and have no kids makes for not having a social life kinda sad. If you want a good shoot 'em up movie, then Shoot 'Em Up, the movie is a good choice. Your weekend was interesting, how? Did it involve wearing a helmet of some kind?

Keshi said...

u r a hot trotter Grunty! ;-)



Sun Follower said...

Mine was good... hot (in the temperature sense) - the The Happening... was not happening. Ate a French Dip at the a/c Phillipe's in downtown LA - home of the original French dip. Hmmm... oh, and I saw my friends' newborn baby twins.. life is a miracle.

The Grunt said...

Keshi~ Thanks!

Sun~ Even though it is late, a French Dip sandwich sounds real good about now.