Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Uh, Something Profound

I am feeling fat and sassy tonight. Just thought I'd share that with you.

On to other things, do you ever come up with profound sayings before you even examine whether they actually make any sense? I have. Just today, in fact, I came up with such a profound saying. I haven't quite figured out if it makes sense yet, so maybe you can help me out with this.

Here is the profoundity: "There is no truth in comfort."

Pretty profound sounding, no? I didn't even have to light up a blunt for that one. I don't even smoke pot, so where does that sort of thing come from? Casper the Pope? Melvin Thomas, my make believe advice guru? I really don't know. However, I think that I could at least have come up with a better name for a make believe advice guru, say, Bucknife Jackson III. As for the other, well, I think that having just overcome cancer I need to start tempting fate again with blasphemous nicknames for the Holy Ghost. I really died a little right there. I hope someone laughed at the expense of my eternal soul.

So, let's examine the saying, "There is no truth in comfort." I think that one can be comforted by the truth, but it is also true that one can be devastated by it as well. The truth will set us free. Comfort usually is something that secures us, fine, but to a certain point can be imprisoning. I think if there was anything to the saying it would be this, that one cannot find the truth in easy shelter. One has to go outside of oneself, or into those inner depths where we hide that which we don't like about ourselves or are afraid of.

This is much like the age old question "Which came first, the chicken or the egg?" The answer is, of course, 43.

I bid thee, adieu.


NYD said...

I like the way it trickles off the lips.There is no truth in comfort

What were you doing when it came to you?

The Grunt said...

I was actually sitting in a parked, idling work van. I was spacing out and not wanting to go anywhere. What inspired it was what I had been thinking about. A guy at work that I am friends with shared with me his story of how he came to America. He and his sister were abandoned by their father--he dropped them off in downtown Seoul. Eventually, he (5 years old) and his sister (7 years old)got into an orphanage and were both adopted by the same American family. He was malnourished, blind in one eye, and had about 20 different diseases at the time. His home in Korea was a basement under a shop. It had only one window for light, no electricity. Right now, this guy has a wife and five kids and is the payroll director at our work. I always wondered where his character came from and now I know.

Julie Schuler said...

I think it is the rare and worthy individual who is able to be comforted by truth.

I would rather be truly comfortable. I'm going to get my blanket now.

Photogirl said...

You have essentially solved the mystery of why women usually get so mad at men for trying to 'fix' their problems.

When a girl is sad...she just simply wants to be comforted. For example, even if she is in the wrong, she wants to hear "I know honey, its OK, it doesn't matter what happened between you and Suzie, I love you anyway."

NOT...something to the effect of "You know what? You were a total bitch to your friend Suzie and you deserve to get the cold shoulder from her for a few weeks."

Hence: there is no comfort in the truth.

PS I have no friends named Suzie. That was a completely fictional example. Because, I am NEVER a bitch! ;)

Karyn said...

Ah, but, there can be great comfort in a glass of merlot, and in vino veritas, so if there is comfort in wine and there is truth in wine than maybe there IS comfort in truth, no?

The Grunt said...

Julie~ I am right there with you on that. Sometimes I am too worn out and need comfort.

Celeste~ Totally never!

Karyn~ But wine provides comfort, it isn't comfort itself. I think there is truth everywhere, it is just that in comfort we are less aware and not breaking through to discover new truths. Or maybe it's that I haven't been drunk in forever and forgot what it's like.

egan said...

Have you hired yourself a Life Coach? That's what most Advice Gurus are calling themselves these days.

Sun Follower said...

"there is no truth in comfort"...hmmm... is that like, "there is no I in team?"

The Grunt said...

Egan~ I think that's what I need, a Life Coach. Anyways, my imaginary advice guru lives in a van down by the river.

Sun~ It is exactly like that!