Sunday, March 16, 2008

2 AM, Sunday Morning

Yesterday was the Ides of March. Anybody have an "Et tu, Brutus?" moment? Julius Caesar got what was coming to him, a great big stab in the back--well, a stab all over the place from multiple people. You destroy one of the finest republics ever in one big ego trip and have the gall to ask, "Even you, Brutus? Even you, my child?" No one could beat you in battle. Not even your good friend Pompey could crush you. Your defeat came upon the senate floor by the hands of those who you thought were under your thumb. Blood spilled on civilized marble floors is much more ironic than any blood spilled on the earth of battle. Because of this great and tragic man, we have the perfect lesson of how republics of the people become the empires of the elite. Consider this on election day, America. At least we can do something about it, but sometimes I wonder if we have the balls. BTW, aren't term limits great?

My neighbors next to me had a deer die in their back yard. This winter has been really hard on the deer population, along with the elk and moose. There are dead deer everywhere around here. It is sad...and stinky. Animal control has their work cut out for them on this one. I can't wait for them to haul the carcass off. The smell is just awful. Oh, and there's nothing like staring at a giant, rotting carcass when you look out your back window. Yum! I want fries with that.

Friday, I was super tired all day long. It still did not deter me from celebrating Pi day. Pi day recognizes the number Pi (3.14.......) on March 14th, or 3/14. I celebrated with some pie, too. I had key lime and German chocolate pie. It was divine. If you missed out on Pi day, well, tough. You can still celebrate and eat pie whenevers, though. I like that word, whenevers.

Did I mention that I was tired on Friday? Well, I was. This is how tired I was: I was listening to a voice mail that my sister had left for me (it was a long one) and around the middle I started answering back to her. I had totally forgot that I was listening to a message and thought I was just having a phone conversation with her. When she didn't respond to my question and kept on talking, it finally dawned on me that I had drifted off into space academy.

In space you smoke astro turf. Those astronauts sure know how to party.

Remember to eat your corned beef and cabbage on Monday, kiddies!


Julie Schuler said...

I was reminded on by a very small local radio show that it was the ides of March, and then they asked how is the date for Easter determined- and I knew the answer but I didn't have a phone- and I was in my painting studio all covered with paint so I didn't want to go downstairs and filthy up the phone. And I didn't want to let the cats into my studio. Still, I kept feeling compelled to answer.

We had pumpkin pie, two of them. I like it with coffee.

It's too bad about the deer, don't you have a lot of hunters down your way? A lot of hunters will donate venison to food banks around here.

Keshi said...

**Yum! I want fries with that.

U mean KFV (Kentucky Fried Venison) with Fries? LOL Grunty!

hv a good week ahead!


Melliferous Pants said...

I celebrated Pi Day with violent stomach flu. Yay me!

Scott said...

Pi Day was a wild time up in here yo!

What is up with the deer dying?

Gledwood said...

I'm sposed to have got stabbed in the back in a past life. My ex told me this bc I have apparently a tiny birthmark right in a backstabbery kind of place nr my right kidney or something...

The Grunt said...

Julie~ Oh, I hate that when I know the answer to a trivia and I can't get on the phone to win tickets to whatever the radio station is flogging. As for the pie, pumpkin is good. Pie and "a damn fine cup of coffee" reminds me of Special Agent Dale Cooper from Twin Peaks. As for the hunters, we do have a lot of deer hunters, but that season is in the Fall. Right now the deer population is hurting because there are homes where they'd normally find food in harsh winters like the one we had. That's a good thing about the hunters donating the venison. I don't mind hunting--I've done my share of it--just not for sport alone.

Keshi~ I can only imagine what that would taste like.

Pants~ Too bad, but now you can indulge in a piece of cherry pie and a damn fine cup of coffee.

Scott~ Good to see you kickin' it on Pi day. The deer are starving to death because the snow pack has created problems with their usual feeding areas and the only place they could go was down into subdivisions, which keep getting higher up the mountain side.

Gledwood~ If I had a birthmark it would be shaped like a target, I'm sure. Welcome to my blog!

Outdoorsy Girl said...

I am happy to say that even though I felt I have been stabbed in the back by a few people, I have never quite had a Julius Caesar kind of moment. (I guess if I had, I would be dead, right? So thank goodness for that!)

I hope they clear up the dead Bambies within the next 2 weeks. I will sad if I come out there to see that. :(

I ate my corned beef and cabbage last night. Happy St. Patty's!

Keshi said...

hehe I've tried it :)


Christielli said...

I love when Prof Frink shuts up a room of scientists by shouting out "Pi is exacting 3.0!" that kills me.

I love that you had two types of pie on Pi day. :)

The Grunt said...

O-Girl~ I am proud of you, eating all your corned beef and cabbage.

Keshi~ You are still alive to tell the tale. That is a good thing.

Christielli~ LOL! I love that moment from The Simpsons. Pie is always glorious, so more than one type of pie is mandatory for Pi Day.