Friday, March 21, 2008

TIGF!!! (That's Incredibly Gary Friday): Yep, he's totally Gary.

You thinking of quitting That's Incredibly Gay Friday? What you talkin' about, Grunty?

That's right. I've been thinking of quitting TIGF and devoting Friday to nothing but the Garys in the world. I know that is what you all have been secretly wanting but just didn't know it yet. We could feature Gary Sinise (actor), um, Gary Busey (escaped lunatic/coke fiend), Gary Hart (the Senator that screwed Donna Rice), Gary Hart (the wrestler), Gary Grant (Carey Grant's secret retarded brother), Gary (the snail from Spongebob), Gary Moore (great guitarist), Gary Numan (of the song "Cars" fame), Gary Numan (The other Gary Numan that falsely admitted to killing Jon Benet Ramsey), Gary Glitter (glam rock legend and evil pedophile just like the Gary Numan before him), Gary Payton (notorious trash talking point guard for the Sonics), Gary Indiana (the state), Gary Larson (cartoonist), Gary Oldham (kickass actor), Gary Gilmore (famous killer executed by firing squad in my home state in 1977 as well as having a classic punk song by The Adverts, named after his eyes--his last words were, "Let's do it!"), Gary Allen (country music redneck), Gary Fisher (developer of the mountain bike), Gary Cooper (legendary actor), Gary Paulsen (author), and all those dickhead bosses that I had named Gary.

Sheewooooh! That's a whole lotta Garys!!! Did I leave any out? Maybe I should just stick to my routine "Gay Friday" shtick. Dance monkey, dance!


Sun Follower said...

I'll take famous GArys for $100, please, Grunty.

The Grunt said...

I forgot to put Gary Shandling the comedian in there.

Sun~ I think I'd make a great replacement for Alex Trebek.

Keshi said...

Im afraid I dunno many Garys...only this Gary :)


The Grunt said...

Grunt~ Worst. Post. Ever.

Keshi~ The story behind this post was that I somehow misspelled "Gay" when typing too fast and it turned into "Gary". I thought it was funny and went with it. I am now scared at how many Garys I know, lol!

NYD said...

This is too weird. Going to work today, the wife and I were talking about old TV shows and it seems that Gary Coleman was pretty poular here in JApan. You ought to hear what "Whatchu talkin 'bout Arnold?" sounds like in Japanese; it's not pretty.

I had a boss named gary once...I work for myself now

Diane Mandy said...

It certainly sounds like you'd have enough material!

Photogirl said...

If you take TIGF away from us, I won't know what to do with myself :(

The Grunt said...

NYD~ So, you get my thing with bosses named Gary. Also, I don't think I will have lived a full life until I hear "Watchu takin' 'bout, Willis?" in a thick Japanese accent.

Diane~ It would be fun to do, I think.

Celeste~ I live to brighten up your day, Celeste. Really, it was an idle threat. As for the real reason for the post, refer to my reply to Keshi further up in the comment box.

Keshi said...

LOL haha!