Thursday, March 13, 2008

TIGF!!!(That's Incredibly Gay Friday): An incredibly gay music video by Darkness

Most of you that are familiar with the band Darkness probably have heard or seen their video "I believe in a thing called love" a zillion times, so I used this video of their song "Girlfriend" instead. They came and went in the States as a sort of novelty act. Darkness did a second album that wasn't that well received, but their lead singer/guitarist Justin Hawkins was allowed to fly his freak flag even higher than before, as evident in this music video. While he may not be gay in real life, Justin Hawkins is queerer than a clockwork orange in his stage persona and I dig how TIGF he is.

Justin Hawkins has been known to fly around on a stuffed white tiger (fake) in concerts while performing solos on his guitar. He also flew in on a golden "boob" chariot on one tour. Why the band got rid of him, I don't know. I mean, outside of sounding like the biggest, and gayest rip off of Queen and Thin Lizzy, Darkness was all about this beautiful, blond princess of a man, Justin Hawkins. Enjoy!


Photogirl said...

OMG those 80's aerobics outfits are so rad!

I wonder if they know they spelled 'rehearsal' wrong?

Julie Schuler said...

Incredibly Gay Friday rawks!

Chandra said...

He wears his man pants a bit too tight... maybe that explains his high voice?!!?

It reminds me of "bicycle" by queen. Not sure who Thin Lizzy is...

Tigers are still not as cool as Sharks. Stuffed sharks.... those... well those are cool.

Gay friday explains my day today.. but in the gay happy way!

The Grunt said...

Celeste~ LOL, you said rad.

Julie~ I've got TIGF fever. Now with 10% more cowbell.

Chandra~ Glad you could have gay your way. Thin Lizzy were big in the '70s. Ever heard the song "The Boys Are Back In Town"? They did that one. They were a bunch of cock rockers that guys that play the guitar like me idolize. Oh yeah, I love "Bicycle" by Queen.

Jules said...


Okay... the gayest video I've EVER seen. It wins hands down!!

What I wanna know is this: is he wearing the fanny pack because he's trying to enhance the nothing that might exist behind the layer of spandex or because seeing all the chicks in tights gave him a perma hardon and the fanny pcak was the only sensible solution?

Photogirl said...

haha! MORE COWBELL! Love it.

Keshi said...

LOL ty Grunty!

btw I just updated my blog...u've just got to see this post! so plz go read it Grunty ok. tnxx! ;-)


The Grunt said...

Jules~ The second one. I speak from experience=D

Celeste~ Even my Cheerios need it!

Keshi~ If you keep doing stuff like this to me I'll have to come down to Sydney personally and take care of business;)

Keshi said...

tnxx matey! :)

**If you keep doing stuff like this to me I'll have to come down to Sydney personally and take care of business

why duncha? awwwwwww that wud be JUST PERFECT! OMG I'd pass out tho LOL!


Miladysa said...

I agree with you Darkness was Justin Hawkins!

It is such a pity his Eurovision bid failed last year :-[

The Grunt said...

Keshi~ Well, I don't want you to pass out. LOL!

Miladysa~ Yes, I know. Anyway, welcome to my little corner of the blogosphere. I am happy to have you here.