Monday, September 03, 2007

Nothing really

I've had people get all worried that I haven't posted. I just haven't had much to say. Things are pretty stressful right now with my mother's mastectomy tomorrow (today when this will probably be read).

When I was at the ER today getting a Nuepogen injection the nurse taking my vitals remarked that my blood pressure was way too low. I guess I can't refuse an opportunity to joke around because I replied, "I need one pound of bacon, STAT!"

It did suck that I wasn't feeling so well and my mother was all a wreck because of her upcoming mastectomy. Why? Well, it was my big brother's birthday and I wish it would have been celebrated under better conditions. We did the cookout and cake for him. I bought him a kick-ass reggae album: Culture "Two Sevens Clash". That's how I and I roll in Zion, Jah--kicking it with the Lion of Judah.

Last year about this time I was thinking of someone all the time. I haven't thought of that person much lately, but today I did. I wish I could just stow those feelings away if I can't do anything with them. I think I will just write a song instead.

I am also thinking of some girl that I was paling around with before all my health issues came up. It's funny how some people split when things get tough. What's even funnier is that I still think of her quite a bit. Hey, a sweet peach is still a sweet peach even if it doesn't last long. I think I will write two songs now.

Well, that's it for the time being. I'm all achy and I want to go to bed. See ya!


Scott said...

Hope to hear the two songs soon. Take care of yourself.


vera said...

grunt-o, you and i are long lost twins or summthin'...
all things should taste like bacon.
that's what i have been telling everyone lately.
*puts on her tinfoil hat*

seriously though...
my thoughts are going out to you and your family... love and hugs and everything good...


Crystal said...

i am sorry things are shitty. when it rains, it pours. just remember the sun will come out and it will be so birght that it will burn a hole in the earth through the hole that we have created in the ozone layer by using aqua net hairspray and neglecting to find a solution for containing cowfarts.

ok. well, that was supposed to come out differently. i was just trying to say that i am sorry you are having it rough (even though i know you like it that way) and that things will let up soon and you will be back to your old self.


Jules said...

Babes - I'll keep it short and sweet, just like the peach: Huge prayers and best get well wishes to your mom today... I'll be thinking of her tons, and thanks for stopping in to let us know how things are. Are you on a new med now to try to keep your blood pressure up? Please, hon, take care of yourself! Mwah!

Karyn said...

Sweet peaches may be sweet peaches but they still have those gnarly pits beneath that sweetness.

Sorry you're going through so much right now but I love that you're cracking jokes at the ER.

Hang tight.

Keshi said...

Grunty glad to know ur ok!

**It's funny how some people split when things get tough.

well it happens...whatever happens, happens the way its supposed to.

Im yet to listen to the MP3s...goshh Im so tied up at home :( I will do it soon n email ya ok. THANKS!


Scary Monster said...

Hey there Cap'n. Friendsip be the kind of boat that seats two in fair weather and often one in foul, but yer ship here seems to be filled with those who are willing to help you ride out the storm. Me guesses that this be one good thing. Keep yerself hale and hearty.


The Grunt said...

Scott~ I hope to write them.

Vera~ How'd you know about my tin foil beret?

Crystal~ Thanks. I certainly don't want a hole in the earth, though.

Jules~ I like sweet.

Karyn~ I try my best.

Keshi~ Listen to them now!

Scary~ It's good to be the Captain with shipmates like you.

EBEZP said...

Sorry I'm away but chin up mate ok?

Corn Dog said...

Hey Grunt! Sorry to hear all this. I thought your Mom was DCIS.