Sunday, September 09, 2007


I may be ignorant but I have never heard of a grape pie in my life. It's a damn tasty fruit. Why is it not a hit all over the world, grape pie?

My favorite new nickname that I've made up: Professor Dain McBramage. Don't worry. I don't call you that.

So, I was talking to a person the other day and all I could think of was how one day RC Cola was going to win a no-bid military contract in Iraq and end up winning the cola wars once and for all. The kicker is that being a no-bid military contract is that RC Cola will not have to produce any cola, nor actually do anything, taking a whopping 30 million of tax payer money to Coca~Cola's Atlanta headquarters and proceeding to wipe their asses with it. God bless America and George "Rape and Pillage Us" Bush. I love a come from behind story, especially when it involves me getting ass raped by our elected officials' disregard for their people and love for greedy corporations. RC Cola is alright, though. I just had one and incorporated it into the story for humor value. There is nothing funny about what has been going on and still happening with these private contractors in Iraq. I see that you (all of us) almost did something about it but then something shiny distracted you into a numbing state of techno bliss.

To make a joke after this would be pointless, because that was the biggest joke I could think of.


cindra said...

the fucking techno bliss...yeah.

we just had our town's celebration with death statistics posted all over the place...

what do we do?

Oh, and I've gone 13 days without a diet's that for loyalty?

I'm a fucking warrior. Bring me my mission. For now it is prayer.

goldennib said...

I missed what you said. I was staring at something shiny.

Scary Monster said...

Yeah, well Me be the kind of guy that could sit down with a slice of grape pie and the old blue can of Royal Crown cola while watching the freedom tower being built. Something shiny might just catch Me attention iffin it were bright enough to cut through the light of late night television; starring David Letterman.


Photogirl said...

I like grapes as much as the next person. But grape pie sounds kind of nasty.

Clearlykels said...

I have a friend who drinks tab. I don't really drink anything with caffeine... just not my thing.

Also, just say no to grape pie.

Jules said...

What the hell is RC Cola and why the hell aren't you drinking the real stuff?

Would you think to include tarts in the pie category? Technically they're little pies, right? So, technically, raisins are shrivelled up grapes, and people put raisins in tarts all the time. Therefore, grape pies. Loosely speaking.

egan said...

RC Cola is the shit. When I managed a restaurant in Portland, that's all we served. It rocked. Diet Rite is yummy.

The Grunt said...

Cindra~ It is just amazing how much can go wrong if you let it go wrong. Apathy is a terrible thing.

Nessa~ Me too--tee-hee;)

Scary~ I'm right there with ya.

Celeste~ I'm thinking that you may have something there.

Kels~ You have much strength to be caffiene free in this world we live in. Good for you!

Jules~ Raisins don't count. RC Cola is divine. It originated from the South. So, have an RC Cola and a Moon Pie and you'll know what you've been missing.

Egan~ Preach it! Good to see you around again. I need to get out more and visit.