Thursday, September 06, 2007

TIGF!!! (That's Incredibly Gay Friday): Things overheard out of context between two men

So, I was at work today and I said something to a dude that both he and I understood totally, yet the lady who came around the corner did not. We are talking about context here, people. What was it that I said? This: "I'll wash my hands while you work the goat, deal?"

Now I'm not going to explain anything here. It was all normal "in the know" kind of jargon between this guy and I. You will have to be just as mystified and turned on as this lady was. Maybe horrified is a better way of describing how the lady appeared.

Give me some of your best real life out of context gay remarks that embarrassed you.

Update: My mother was released from the hospital and has been declared cancer free. w00t! Now we just gotta get me there.


Photogirl said...

Ernie and I joke about being married all the time. She likes to fix stuff around the house...I do the cooking and cleaning. So naturally, she's the 'husband' and I'm the 'wife.' Sometimes we talk about it in public, and people who aren't in the know, give us funny looks.

on another note...I smote you?! haha.

goldennib said...

I got nuttin'.

Great news about your mom.

vera said...

AWESOME NEWS about your Mumma!!!!
*super duper joyous squishes*

Most things that come out of my mouth or fly off my fingers can be taken the wrong way, indeed. Sometims they are planned, sometimes not... Sometimes they can be taken in three to five different ways, depending on the company with which I am surrounded. In World of Warcraft I belong to a guild that is made up, primarily, of people that live in the UK. Part of World of Warcraft is going into dungeons and instances and raids and talking on a program called Teamspeak. We all hang out on Teamspeak regularily and we've all gotten to know each other quite well. Now, as we all know certain things mean different things in other countries (bonnet, fanny, sarnie, etc) and still there are cross-cultural references that everyone just "gets"...
but the British... OH THE BRITISH! Their minds are ALWAYS living in the gutter. On this particular instance my druid was performing the task of "main tank" which mean I establish all the aggro or "hatred" from mobs (creatures) and have them hit me and the rest of the party tries to kill the mob without pulling aggro onto themselves. Someone, per usual, managed to do the very thing they're not supposed to do and I kept hearing on Teamspeak from the party members "Moe! Rhap has drawn aggro!" "Moe! Rhap is dying" "Moe!!" "MOE!!" And in the meantime, I'm trying my hardest casting spells to try and get the mob's aggro back and finally I yelled into my headset "Look! I'm trying to pull it off!! Gimme a hand!"

Yeh... This was soon followed by massive heckles and giggles and some serious fits of hysteria...


Issy said...

Yesterday one of my coworkers was throwing a football around and threw it in my direction. One of my other coworkers said "Oh look out! He's trying to throw something at your big head". I told him at least one of us in the office HAD a big head. He just hung is head in shame, giggled and sulked off!

Great news about your mom! So nice reading you again. . . I've been a super busy gurl!

Chandra said...

Finally some good news this week. I'm living vicariously through you today and your good news.

Inside jokes are the best. It's like me and my nickname pumps.... it keeps 'em all guessing!

Jules said...

YAY and YAY and YAAAAY for your mom!!!! Sooo awesome!! You'll be following in her footsteps soon, doll!

As for the out of context stuff... that never happens to me because I am most often talking in conversation that SHOULD be taken the way as to cause someone who would overhear to look intrigued!

Lucy said...

That's good news about your mom!

Thanks for stopping by my spot. You'll have to stop by again. We got some good dialogue going. I would love to hear your opinion!

Adorable Pancreas said...

I'm glad I heard that about your mom on my first time here. :)

"Those are great breasts."
We were talking about chicken.

Scary Monster said...

Hey there Cap'n. So glad to hear that yer mom is doing well. Me be hoping that everything else follows in kind.

Me and a bud sittin over a beer in a fancy shmancy pub.
Me sez: "...that's why Me never lets her play with me balls".

Guy at the next table who had just sat down with his date whips his head in our direction and give me the stink-eye.

Me buddy bursts out laughing, spilling beer all over himself and Me just sitting there clueless until it dawns on me what me said.

We were talkin golf...


Tys on Ice said...

great news abt ur mom!

once i said to my friend in a pub : 'personally Iam an ass man ', only to have a very gay looking guy on my left look at me and wink...

goldennib said...

Are you game? Please play with me.

The Grunt said...

Celeste~ You and Ernie are a hoot...and yes, you did.

Nessa~ I am very happy about it.

Vera~ So, did they offer you a "hand"?

Issy~ HAHA! That was funny. Yeah, I was wondering where you've been all this time. Make sure to bring Barbarian with you next time. I miss her too.

Chandra~ I can only imagine what "pumps" means, lol!

Jules~ You have your mind in the gutter 24/7, don't you? Gosh!

Lucy~ I will. I don't get on the computer much because I've been trying to take care of myself more. I will drop by, though.

Adorable Pancreas~ I love your handle. Nice to have you around and I got a giggle out of your breast comment.

Scary~ You can come clean on here, mate. It was croquet and not golf. I just can't imagine you with such small balls.

Ty~ HAHA! Yeah, it sounded like a proclamation.

Nessa~ I will go and look.

Mayden' s Voyage said...
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Corn Dog said...

Congrats to your Momma. I'm so happy for her.