Thursday, September 27, 2007

Hold off for now...unless you just want to

Even though I got the store up I haven't really got the prices set where I wanted. The prices should come down a bit. The initial design was just something I banged out to see if it would work. I am holding off on using my avatar for obvious reasons--I just modified a preexisting piece of artwork. So, to profit from it might be a big no-no. I will come up with my own "Gruntman" soon enough and more robust phrases to go along. This first design was the happy "hello" one just to let people know that I actually did what I said I would do after all this time of talking about it. So, just buy whatever you want. More designs will come and there might be that Hobo Frankenstein shirt you always wanted in my store.


Clearlykels said...

Goodness. You've been busy.

Jules said...

I'm so happy to see your store up and running!! I'll wait for a week or two and see what else hits the market and then I'll make my purchase(s)! Love you!!

The Grunt said...

Kels~ Yeah, I should be resting more but it was bugging me that I said I'd do this and hadn't. I'm a man of my word.

Jules~ It might take me awhile to come up with something new just because I am tired of getting everything set up. I need a break.

Karyn said...

Wow - you're very fancy. I'm such a luddite.

Got anything in the way of a nice buttery leather hobo bag, with an adjustable / removable strap, preferably in black or a rich brown, with quality hardware that doesn't cost the equivalent of my monthly grocery budget?

No? That's ok. Neither does anyone else, apparently.

Hope you're ok. :)

Scary Monster said...

Now yer talkin, Cap'n. Me be waitin to see what happens.